Time for Salesforce updates!

The 2022 Sales Cloud updates have focused on features that help companies improve training and enablement experience, save cost on add-on licenses, increase collaboration and make smarter decisions. In the Summer Release, Salesforce rolled out many new Sales Cloud features for Collaborative Forecasts, Salesforce Maps and Einstein Conversation Insights, among others.

For your ease, we have compiled a list of the most essential feature improvements and enhancements in the Sales Cloud module for this season.

1. Save time by enabling Person Account without Salesforce Support

As a business, you take independent decisions to create accounts as per your needs. But traditionally, Salesforce needed you to contact their Support to enable Person Accounts. Now, Salesforce allows you to self-enable Person Accounts to cut out the request-time for its approval.

Businesses have different types of customers and need appropriate accounts for each type. For B2C companies, a contact person and an end-customer can be the same. During such cases, a Person Account helps merge separate Account and Contact fields into a single record for a combined view of the data. A guided setup to self-enable Person Accounts further assists teams to implement this significant feature independently, saving time and effort.

But remember: Once enabled, Person Accounts cannot be disabled! So, make sure to do your due diligence before selecting the option.

Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support: Sales Cloud Summer Release 2022

2. Concentrate on closing deals with powerful modifications in High-Velocity Sales

High-Velocity Sales has always helped managers lead their remote sales team and streamline the sales processes. To better encompass the features of process automation and customer or lead engagement, it now is being renamed “Sales Engagement”.

The newly renamed app now includes features such as customer engagement tracking, chatbots, sales cadences, and all other necessary tools. This change enables you to automate processes and interact strategically with leads and customers so that your sales team can concentrate on closing deals.

The app has quickly become an essential part of the sales toolkit. To broaden its access, Salesforce will now allow businesses using the Unlimited and Performance editions to use the app at no additional costs. As part of the Sales Cloud Included license, Sales Engagement will help larger businesses and sales teams monitor and manage their sales processes more effectively.

3. Handle client objections quickly and effectively with Einstein Conversation Insights

A sales rep can face different obstacles while closing a deal. Salesforce has introduced a new function to address issues impeding a prospect’s engagement. Einstein’s Objection Made Insights will now be able to identify and present issues preventing sales directly in the activity timeline. This feature will then allow sales rep to respond perfectly and precisely to issues at the appropriate time. For instance, if a lead makes an objection, sales reps can decide to swiftly set up a meeting or send an email to the lead to alleviate their worries.

Similarly, with Question Insight, you can take a closer look at potential sales roadblocks and plan approaches to overcome them. For example, Einstein Conversation Insights now allows you to spot unanswered buyer and seller questions in customer calls and videos. With the automatic insight flag, sales reps and managers can then address the issues preventing the sale.

4. Ensure accurate and quick data analysis with new collaborative forecast features

The Spring 22 release introduced many useful Collaborative Features updates such as Forecasting KPIs, custom filters and efficient forecast setup. This season, Salesforce is adding the ability to customise labels of a cumulative rollup.

Now, you can select to rollup only necessary data for an easier and quicker data analysis. Depending on your business forecast preference, customise cumulative forecast categories. For example, this feature shows cumulative rollups for Closed Only, Best Case, Commit, Most Likely, and Open Pipeline Forecast. Earlier, label change showed only single-category rollups.

Customize Cumulative Rollup Names: Sales cloud Summer Release 2022

Similarly, contextual currency conversion now allows you to view forecasts in different currencies. If you use multiple currencies, you can see both on the forecasts grid without having the need to convert the amounts manually. This feature ensures accuracy and saves time by eliminating the need for manual currency conversion.

accurate and quick data analysis with new collaborative forecast features: Sales cloud Release highlights 2022

When you change a custom currency field directly in the forecasts grid, the value is shown in the forecast’s currency followed by the corporate currency in parentheses (in brackets).

5. Evaluate the ROI of Einstein Lead Scoring with updated Einstein Readiness Tool

Einstein can provide the finest predictions, recommendations, and insights with comprehensive and reliable accuracy. However, if you are unsure about the quantity and quality of your data, Salesforce now allows you to evaluate your Einstein Lead Scoring.

Depending on your existing lead acquisition and conversion rates, the updated Einstein Readiness Tool enables you to calculate the value of Einstein Lead Scoring for your business.

Similarly, the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor now reveals which Einstein features you can use immediately and which require additional preparations.


What’s Next?

Want to find out how your organisation can benefit from the latest Salesforce Sales Cloud release?

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