If you’re a Dynamics 365 Sales user, you’re probably wondering what’s new in Microsoft 2023 second release. Well, wonder no more, because we’ve got you covered with this blog post. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the most exciting and useful features that are coming your way in Microsoft 2023 Wave 2 Release for Dynamics 365 Sales. 

Whether you want to boost your productivity, enhance your customer relationships, or streamline your workflows, there’s something for everyone in this update. Read on to find out more! 

Elevate Your Customer Engagements with AI-Recommended Content 

Public Preview Jan 24 

Are your sales teams overwhelmed by the vast array of documents and resources at their disposal? Do they struggle to find and use the most impactful materials during sales interactions with key decision-makers? 

This AI-based content recommendation feature helps sellers in real time to find and share the most relevant and impactful documents with their customers during sales calls. It uses generative AI to customise, summarise, and personalise the content based on context, reducing the need for sellers to search for information manually or create their own content.  

This remarkable capability empowers your sellers to effortlessly select the most suitable content for their customer interactions. With this feature, your sellers receive content recommendations tailored to the context of their customer engagement, ensuring every interaction is impactful. That way, you can say goodbye to time-consuming searches. When your team can quickly find content using natural language, they can streamline their workflow. Additionally, your sellers can get real-time content recommendations, enhancing their ability to share relevant details with customers. 

Incorporating this feature into your sales process not only boosts efficiency but also contributes to the growth of your deal pipeline and revenue. And your sellers can easily make a lasting impression on key decision-makers and drive successful sales interactions. 

Gear Up for Meetings with AI-Generated Preparation Notes  

General Availability Oct 2023 

In the world of sales, success hinges on having the right information at your fingertips. However, this valuable data is often scattered across a multitude of systems and websites. The time-consuming process of piecing it all together can lead to costly assumptions and missed opportunities. 

Which is why you will love this Copilot feature update from Microsoft 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Sale. It uses generative AI to help sellers prepare better for customer meetings by providing them with key data points collected from various sources. Copilot in Sales detects meetings coming up in the next 24 hours and prompts the seller to prepare for them. It also offers a summary of recent email exchanges and the last 10 notes to help the seller review the customer information. 

Copilot allows sellers to save time and effort, prepare better for meetings, focus on the key points, engage with customers in a more personalised and targeted manner. That enables you to achieve more productive sales outcomes by enabling informed decision-making and increased participation during the meetings. 


Stay on Top of Your Deals with AI-Generated Opportunity Summaries  

General Availability Oct 2023  

Does your sales team find it challenging to maintain multiple leads simultaneously? Are your sales professionals struggling to prioritise their work effectively, spending valuable time sifting through scattered data to find crucial information? 

In response to these challenges, Copilot’s AI-powered opportunity summaries are here to transform the way your sales team operates. These summaries offer a swift and comprehensive snapshot of vital customer data, encompassing buying behaviour, preferences, and historical purchases. By harnessing this wealth of information, salespeople gain valuable insights into customer needs, enabling them to tailor their sales pitches with precision and significantly improve their chances of success. 

This feature empowers your sales team to distil the most critical facets of each sales opportunity, including customer requirements, proposed solutions, and the anticipated value or benefit to the customer. This level of clarity and precision enhances the communication of opportunities to potential buyers and decision-makers. 

More precisely, sellers can now effortlessly access AI-generated opportunity summaries in an easily digestible format, gaining an overview of each opportunity’s status and progress within the sales process. This empowers them to distil the most critical facets of each sales opportunity, including customer requirements, proposed solutions, likelihood of closure, and the anticipated value or benefit to the customer.  

They can also identify highlighted changes since the last sign-in, along with their level of significance. This allows sales professionals to focus their attention on the most recent developments, keeping them informed and in control. This way, this feature doesn’t just save time and effort for your sales team; it equips them with a powerful tool to maximise their efficiency, enhance their sales strategies, and ultimately boost your bottom line. 


Stay on Top of Your Lead with AI-Generated Lead Summary

General Availability Oct 2023 

We know sellers’ struggle – spending endless hours sifting through data to understand your new leads. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about gathering info; it’s about knowing if these leads are connected to your existing contacts or accounts. It’s about uncovering those hidden relationships with potential customers that could change the game. 

That is why Microsoft 2023 second release is introducing a new Copilot capability: AI-generated lead summaries. This feature harnesses the power of Dynamics 365 Sales, Bing news, and LinkedIn data integration, which equips your sales professionals with enriched data insights about their key leads. With information, like lead source, contact details, and company information, at their fingertips, they can employ a more personalised approach, dramatically increasing the odds of sealing the deal.  

But that’s all! Copilot-powered lead summaries provide a concise, AI-generated snapshot of each lead. This empowers your sales teams to instantly know if the lead is linked to existing CRM contacts and access the most recent news about existing contacts. That way you can streamline processes, preserving precious time and effort, and ensuring sales teams zero in on the most promising leads first. The result? Elevated seller productivity and operational efficiency for your business. 

Follow Up on Emails Using Recommended Actions  

General Availability Oct 2023 

Sellers are drowning in a sea of never-ending email conversations, struggling to keep track of action items, deadlines, and follow-ups. It’s a constant juggling act, from scheduling follow-up meetings to navigating complex negotiations that span days. But what if there was a better way to tame this email madness?  

Microsoft 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Sales brings yet another new Copilot capability. This AI-assisted feature allows the system to monitor and identify action items from email conversations and populate them within the Up-Next widget for easy reference. The up-Next widget enables sellers to see and take actions on activities associated with a record. It provides visibility into the present, upcoming, and already completed activities. 

The tasks are displayed in the Up-Next widget along with the due date, priority, and status. The seller can also view the email content that triggered the task suggestion. That means, you can reduce notetaking and the risk of missing tasks. You can also get reminders to complete the task and suggestions for follow-up tasks based on the email content. 

Revolutionise Sales Collaboration Using Multiple Sequences 

Public Preview Dec 2023 

Are your sales teams facing the challenge of collaboration when multiple sellers work on the same account or opportunity? Are they struggling to coordinate different actions to secure deals effectively? Do your sellers need to stay updated on their accounts’ status and changes? 

Get ready for a transformation. In Microsoft 2023 second release for Sales, you have the power to assign distinct sequences to various sellers for the same record simultaneously. This enables multiple sellers to seamlessly collaborate on the same account or opportunity, each following their coordinated sequence for a unified approach to winning deals. As a result, you can boost you team productivity and efficiency, while also enhancing visibility within your sales team by providing a clear view of who is using sequences for a specific record. 

Imagine assigning one sequence to an account executive and another to a solution architect, both collaborating on the same target account in real-time. Even if they aren’t the record owners, your sales team members can attach sequences to records and effortlessly access sequence details. This greatly streamlines your progress tracking and fosters teamwork.  

Moreover, your sellers can save time, improve response rates with tailored messages across channels, and nurture leads more effectively. They can also optimise sales performance, and simplify client purchasing processes, ultimately boosting profits and streamlining sales.    

Improve seller efficiency by customising quote close experience 

General Availability Dec 2023 

In the world of sales, your quotes are your lifeline. They’re the make-or-break moment when you need to impress your customers, showcase your products or services, and close the deal. But here’s the harsh truth: sellers often grapple with inaccurate pricing, vague information, and endless back-and-forths. This clumsy quoting process may lead to lost sales. But it’s time to leave all that in the dust! 

This new quote enhancement feature in Dynamics 365 Sales puts the power of customisation at your fingertips. This enhancement is all about streamlining your quoting process, making it more efficient and tailored to your unique needs. 

You can now set a default value for the Create a Revised Quote field. This small change saves you valuable time and ensures consistency in your quotes. No more repetitive data entry; it’s all pre-set for you. So, say goodbye to the hassles of quote closure. This feature enables quick actions, allowing you to close quotes with a single click. You can choose your preferred Status Reason, Create Revision, and Close Opportunity options, making the finalisation process a breeze. 

And the impact on your business? It’s substantial! With streamlined quotes and automated processes, your sales team can devote more time to what truly matters – building relationships and closing deals. Your team will work more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity.  

Plus, the ability to provide accurate quotes quickly translates to happier customers who get the information they need when they need it. This update is, thus, about elevating your quoting experience and boosting your sales performance. So, are you ready to simplify your processes, save time, and delight your customers? 


What’s Next? 

Dogma empowers organisations to focus on strategic tasks by handling and streamlining their digital transformation needs. That means we can help you fully translate these updates into tangible business outcomes. Even if you are new to Dynamics 365 Sales, our experts can assist you in maximising the benefits of these Dynamics 365 Sales updates from Microsoft 2023 second release. 


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