Are you ready to supercharge your marketing efforts in 2023 and beyond? Microsoft 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Marketing is about to take a quantum leap into the future of marketing automation, customer engagement, and data-driven insights.

From Copilot and AI innovation to moment-based marketing capabilities and unified sales and marketing features, let’s uncover what’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Marketing in Microsoft 2023 wave 2 release. And also explore how you can harness the full potential of this dynamic platform.

So, get ready to revolutionise your marketing game, increase ROI, and stay one step ahead of the competition – because Dynamics 365 Marketing 2023 second release is about to transform the way you connect, captivate, and convert your audience. Let’s get started!

Receive in-app task assistance from Copilot

Public Preview Oct 2023 

Most CRMs are not user friendly. So many people find it challenging to use their CRM. They don’t always find what they are looking for in the system easily and quickly. Many CRMs are tricky to use, owing to their complex user interface and layout. But not Dynamics 365 Marketing— or Customer Insights – Journeys, after its bundling with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Click here for more info

Microsoft 2023 second release brings a new Copilot feature that provides in-app guidance and answers questions in natural language. By providing in-app guidance, Copilot helps marketers navigate the system more efficiently, reducing the time spent searching for information or figuring out how to perform certain tasks. When users can get immediate answers to their queries without having to leave the app, it becomes a more efficient and productive experience for them. 

But that’s not all—Copilot in Marketing also helps marketers with complex tasks, like analysing journey results, authenticating domains, and configuring their environment effortlessly. Additionally, it can help new users learn the intricate systems and existing users adopt new features more quickly. That leads to higher overall usage and return on investment.

Understand lead score and qualification factors using Copilot 

Public Preview Dec 2023 

Are you confident that your lead scoring models are driving the right results? Do you know why a lead was qualified and what the primary drivers were for a high score? 

Consider using this new set of AI-powered lead scoring and qualification insights planned for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (including Marketing or Customer Insights – Journeys) and Sales. This Copilot feature provides rich insights on why a lead was qualified and what key factors are driving a lead score. 

This includes the main contributors, recent changes, and comparison versus the lead pool. This not only helps your marketers prioritise their efforts on high potential leads but also empowers their sales counterparts with the information they need to better engage and win more deals. And since it also improves your customer understanding, you’re more likely to foster lasting customer relationships that result in more sales. 

Easily style your emails with Copilot 

General Availability Nov 2023 

Are you tired of spending precious hours formatting emails? Is it challenging and cumbersome to style your email elements based on your branding guidelines? 

Forget that pain and let this new Copilot feature in Marketing streamline your email design process, putting the power of AI at your fingertips. It effortlessly interprets website styles and applies them to your emails, saving you valuable time. 

Just add your website URL, and Copilot will extract fonts, font sizes, and colour palettes. You can also easily adjust and customise elements to align with your campaign or brand guidelines. And you’re in full control: You choose and decide whether to keep the theme or start fresh, giving you the creative freedom, you need. 

This new feature eliminates the time-consuming tasks of manual styling, so you can work more efficiently. You can also ensure your emails consistently reflect your brand’s look and feel. Plus, with styling made effortless, you can channel your energy into crafting compelling email content, ultimately leading to higher email engagement and better marketing results. 

Copilot for automatic email generation

Use natural language to get insights into customer activities, preferences 

Public Preview Dec 2023 

You could be struggling to truly understand your customers, their profiles, and preferences. Ever wished you could effortlessly query your customer profile data using everyday language and receive immediate answers.

Now you can—with Copilot in Marketing, your new ally in gaining instant, profound insights into your customers’ activities and preferences. Say goodbye to the days of relying on multiple stakeholders and lengthy custom report production. With Copilot, exploring complex data becomes lightning-fast, thanks to AI-suggested insights and AI-recommended questions that encourage in-depth data exploration, helping you understand your customers better. 

What’s more? You can also generate insights against behavioural and transactional data, such as customer value and location, automatically. This leads to significant time and cost savings because you can now find the details of your highest-value customers effortlessly and accurately to target and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.  

Likewise, AI-generated deep insights about customers’ profiles and preferences allows businesses to better understand their customers, leading to improved customer service and potentially increased sales.

Personalise customer experiences using calculated metrics from Customer Insights 

General Availability Oct 2023 

Have you been trying to take your customer personalisation to the next level but to no avail? 

Do you wish you could utilise rich customer profiles to tailor marketing strategies based on loyalty, lifetime value, and more customer insights?  

Fret not! Microsoft’s latest 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Marketing has it covered! With this updated customer experience personalisation feature, you can now harness customer measures from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to further customise your marketing content and journeys. This includes granular personalisation of your customer experiences based on attributes, like loyalty, lifetime value, engagement level, average order size, and other calculated measures. That way you can craft highly tailored journey branches and content variations with no-code tools available in Dynamics 365 Marketing. 

With this feature update, you can effortlessly improve personalisation of customer experiences for more effective marketing with data-driven decisions based on rich Customer Insights data from within Marketing. Delivering highly targeted and relevant experiences that provide value tends to boost customer loyalty and lifetime value, which drives better marketing results and more sales value for your company. 

pesonalised customer exprience D365 marketing

Qualify leads and route to sales when buying is likely 

General Availability Dec 2023 

Is your marketing team struggling to pinpoint the best time to hand off leads to sales? Do they find it challenging to qualify leads effectively? Introducing the enhanced lead qualification capability in Dynamics 365 Marketing to supercharge marketers’ ability to identify the best moment to pass them on to sellers.  

You now have the power to create highly flexible and precise lead qualification criteria. These criteria go beyond scoring models and allow you to incorporate other key signals, like prospect’s fit with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICO), their buying intent, recency, and engagement level. That means your marketers can now make data-driven decisions to pinpoint the ideal buying moments, enabling them to promptly collaborate with your sellers. This leads to the maximisation of the opportunity pipeline and increased win rates.  

It’s a game-changer for revenue generation, as you can strike when the iron is hot, increasing your chances of closing deals successfully. Besides that, you can also set criteria to automatically revert a prospect from a sales stage back to a marketing or nurturing stage. This fosters a smoother back-and-forth between Dynamics 365 Marketing and sales, while also saving time and effort for marketers and sellers.

Lead qualification in D365 Marketing from Microsoft 2023 second realease

Accelerate your pipeline with integrated analytics 

Public Preview Dec 2023 

Do your marketing and sales teams struggle to monitor your pipeline development? Are they properly equipped to analyse the impact and contribution of the journeys, marketing messages, and content they create? 

In Microsoft 2023 Wave 2 for Marketing, there’s a feature update that’s about to supercharge your pipeline velocity and efficiency. It brings your marketing and sales teams together, giving them a unified view of the pipeline. This means you can keep a close eye on how accounts move from being potential prospects and leads to successful conversions.

This update deepens your marketers’ understanding of what’s driving lead generation and qualification, which, in turn, enables them to identify the most effective sources for generating high-quality leads. You can, therefore, effortlessly close more deals faster, driving higher revenue. 

Accelerate your pipeline with integrated analytics Microsoft 2023 second realse for D365 Marketing

Evolve with Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Whether you’re already using Dynamics 365 Marketing or new to this leading solution for customer journey orchestration, there’s something valuable for everyone in the second Microsoft release in 2023. These updates are a game-changer for marketing automation, enabling you to unlock the full potential pf Dynamics 365 Marketing and other integrated solutions, like Sales and Customer Insights. So, if you need any assistance embracing these new and updated features or want to implement a fresh instance of Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dogma is more than happy to help. 


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