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New Technical Enforcement of Dynamics 365 Team Member Licenses

November 30, 2020

To keep the system ownership costs low, organisations can opt for a Microsoft Team Member license. This license is designated for individuals who need read-only and limited update access to Dynamics 365 data. Such licenses allow cross-functional teams to view data with just Team licenses subject to user security permissions. They do, however, restrict users from creating, editing, or deleting data.

Microsoft recently made an announcement wherein Team Member license purchased during or after October 2018 will restrict access for the users to a set of designated app modules. These users will no longer be able to access the standard apps such as Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub, or any custom created Apps.

So, what does a Team Member license entail?

The Team Member designated app modules are as follows: 

Customer Service Team Member 

  • Create internal self-service support scenarios such as IT or HR issues 
  • Interact with agents via comments, as well as view knowledgebase for answers to their questions 

Sales Team Member 

  • Manage contact records and view account records 
  • View leads and opportunities linked to accounts or contacts along with other sales-related data 
  • Option to add notes, activities, and tasks 

Project Resource Hub 

  • Allows app users that are in the field using smartphones to enter time and expenses for projects they are working on 

Will it impact you?

Dynamics 365 customers have until 31st December 2020 to make sure they have made the necessary changes needed before the new rules are enforced. Customers can use this period to test new apps and make sure each of your users’ day-to-day activity isn’t hampered.

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