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As part of our Dynamics 356 October 2018 updates series, we have published 10 Best Picks from Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 for Sales in our previous posts. In this blog, we’ll now look at what new capabilities Microsoft is bringing in the for Dynamics 365 for customer service app.

Service Scheduling

The new service scheduling solution is built on Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) in Dynamics 365 for Project Automation and Field Service. It allows the customer service team to view and schedule resources to service activities by considering the availability of employees, facilities, and equipment.

The URS functionality includes a Schedule Board that allows users to Filter View, Resource search, Resource sorting, and hours/day/week/month view of service activities.

Customer Service Admin Settings

In the October 2018 release, Service Management will move into the Customer Service Hub and will be accessible through the sitemap.

Using the Unified Interface, Customer Service managers will have the ability to configure and manage customer service tasks such as configuring public or private queues, setting up parent-child case settings, configuring routing rules, configuring automatic record creation and update rules, and setting up service level agreements (SLAs), along with other capabilities.

Suggest Similar Cases

With the use of Microsoft Text Analytics APIs and case information across various entity records, Similar Cases will be able to help customer service representatives find appropriate answers while reducing average handling time.

A new Similar Cases grid, which is expected to be added in December 2018, will dynamically list completed cases that match characteristics and keywords from the latest case record. This new function will also be able to suggest contextual knowledge articles to customer service agents to help them resolve cases faster.

Relevance Search for knowledge management

For the first time, Relevance Search will now be made available in the Customer Service Hub. Knowledge base search will leverage the relevance search to deliver the most relevant knowledge articles and display only the necessary information in the results list allowing agents to find information faster.

The feature also searches notes and attachments of knowledge articles from within a case.

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The points mentioned above are some of the major functional updates Microsoft are bringing to Dynamics for Customer Service starting this October. Stay tuned for more blog articles that will highlight the updates in other important Dynamics 365 apps.

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