The new Salesforce Summer Release ‘23 introduces a collection of enhancements specifically designed to optimise your marketing endeavours. With a range of powerful tools, this release is set to boost audience engagement, elevate journey performances, and drive impactful campaigns. Experience heightened efficiency as you leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s cutting-edge features and gain actionable insights to steer your marketing efforts to new heights. Join us as we explore some of the unmissable features of Marketing Cloud from this release. 

1. Simplify the Segment Creation Process with Nested Segments 

Save valuable time and effort when building segments using nested segments. Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can now reuse existing segment rules and common elements within the parent segment as a foundation for new segments. You won’t need to recreate the same rules for each segment, as nested segments will allow you to quickly create segments so that you can focus your time and efforts on developing effective marketing strategies. This feature further ensures consistency in segment definitions across multiple segments, which is crucial to the delivery of targeted market campaigns, and simplifies segment management, making it easier to maintain and update segment rules. This feature is now generally available with an add-on licence: Segmentation and Activation. 

2. Get Real-time Actionable Insights and Intelligent Reporting Capabilities with In-app Dashboards  

With in-app dashboards, you now have simplified access to comprehensive visual representations of your data. The graphical format of reporting metrics and insights makes it easier to interpret large amounts of data, allowing you to efficiently analyse data and identify areas of improvement in your marketing initiatives. With such actionable insights provided by in-app dashboards, you can evaluate and optimise campaign performance, monitor customer interactions with in-app engagement messages, and compare different campaign results, among others. In addition, real-time tracking of marketing performance empowers you to make timely decisions and swiftly make amendments, even for ongoing campaigns. 

3. Gain Better Control over Content Management with Content Builder 

Enable easy recovery of deleted items, boost productivity, and ensure better version control within Content Builder with this new feature. 

Now you can comfortably work with Content Builder to manage your marketing content. When dealing with a large volume of marketing content, it’s inevitable to encounter errors, such as unintentionally deleting important content. With the ability to restore deleted content, stay in charge of the data you handle. This feature serves as a safety net for content management, allowing you to focus on enhancing your marketing strategies without disruptions caused by content errors. Either send recoverable content to the Recycle Bin or instantly retrieve and reuse accidentally removed contents. This also frees you from the need to recreate content or rely on Salesforce Support or external assistance in case of content mishaps. Additionally, you can monitor the history of deleted items, selectively restore necessary content and track changes made to content over time. 

4. Improve Email Campaign Performance with Customised Subject Lines and Tracking Abilities

Improve email open rates with customised subject lines tailored to your target audience and campaign objectives. Marketing agents can choose from the predefined set of subject lines provided by their Distributed Marketing admins or create their own sets as well, reducing the pressure to create compelling subjects for each email campaign. Personalising email subjects that align with campaign objectives presents a significant opportunity to improve email engagement with the audience. 

In this release, you can extend your tracking abilities to monitor all send activities in Distributed Marketing effortlessly. Gain insights into email campaign performance, including email open or click rates, to improve reporting and analysis. This helps you track the effectiveness of your email communication channels, identify trends, and plan data-driven campaigns to enhance marketing efforts. You also have comprehensive visibility into the communication history of contacts or leads for better customer understanding and segmentation. However, it is advised that you delete older and irrelevant tracking objects to optimise storage usage and retain relevant data.  

5. Improve Journey Performance with the new System Optimisation Dashboard (Beta) 

The new System Optimisation dashboard provides invaluable insights and analytics to identify journeys that impact your system processing speed. By utilising the key metrics from the dashboard, you can address and evaluate performance issues within your journeys and make informed decisions to optimise the effectiveness of your journeys. With the dashboard, you can identify specific journeys that are challenging the system, pinpoint factors contributing to slow journey performance and allocate resources to optimise them.  

By regularly monitoring these performance metrics and implementing optimisation strategies, you can achieve improved journey performance and increased customer engagement, resulting in successful marketing campaigns. 

6. Integrated Data Cloud Segments for Enhanced Account Engagement 

Data Cloud provides a wealth of customer data, capturing their interactions with your company across various touchpoints. And by connecting Account Engagement with Data Cloud, you now have extensive access to individual customer data within the Data Cloud. This allows you to engage with a broader target audience and enable better segmentation and personalisation when marketing. Leveraging the capabilities of Account Engagement, you can design personalised content and highly focused customer segments based on past interactions, behaviour, preferences, and need. By nurturing Data Cloud customers with customised strategies, you can increase engagement and conversion rates, ultimately delivering impactful campaigns.   

To explore more from the Salesforce Summer Release ’23, stay updated with our posts that feature some of our favourite highlights from the list and discover all that this release has to offer. Make sure to follow us for more updates on how these features can enhance your business strategies. 

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