Salesforce constantly upgrades its platform with three releases per year, namely Spring, Summer and Winter Release.
The updates for this year’s ‘Spring Release 2022’ includes:

  • User improvement
  • Enhanced features in report and analytics
  • Long term forecasts
  • Improvement for agents’ work-life balance
  • Combined documentation for Business 2Business 2Consumers and (B2B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) commerce


Precise sales forecasting helps recognise opportunities and make data-driven, smart decisions. To help you with this, Sales Cloud has worked on these enhancements:

More collaborative forecasting for efficient sales strategies
Sales Cloud has updated the forecasting interface by consolidating the forecast type and settings. It also has a range of resources, such as the capability to create forecast types directly from the setup UI to provide you with all sales professionals’ requirements on a single page. This boosts your sales team’s productivity and allows them to discover efficient sales strategies.
Fine-tune your forecasting strategy with recent changes in Forecast Categories
Sales forecasting affects everyone in the organisation as decision-makers rely on the forecasts to plan for business expansion. Hence, sales leaders need to be aware of the team’s forecast changes. With the enhancement, you can now observe week-over-week variations for each forecast category, which lets you fine-tune your sales and forecasting strategy as needed.

2. Service

Create efficient team planning with ‘long term capacity plans’
With this change, you can create a call centre budget and recruiting plans to help your organisation meet customer service level agreements. It lets you predict how many full-time employees are required for each job profile and when those individuals are required. The capacity plans can now last up to 52 weeks instead of 12 weeks in the previous update, which helps you create efficient team planning.

Limit Non-Standard Shifts and Boost Agents’ Work-Life Balance
This enhancement helps your agent to maintain work-life balance as the planners can create a scheduling rule that allows more desirable shift allocation to each agent. With this functionality, the planners can mark an inconvenient shift as non-standard—the scheduling logic filters out agents who have reached their limit, improving agent well-being.

3. Marketing

Orchestrate Journeys Based on User Behavior with ‘Mobile App Event Entry and Exit’
Mobile apps are a great way to provide customers with relevant and omnichannel experiences. You can now directly link your mobile app and the journey builder to simply create journeys based on real-time user behaviour, thanks to increased features in the Marketing module.

Engage customers in real-time with the ‘wait until activity’ for In-App Message
Real-time marketing helps businesses meet the expectations of their customers. With the Marketing module’s enhancement, you can respond in real-time based on whether a contact engages with an in-app message within a certain period. The functionality allows you to keep contacts in a wait step in the journey until the specified engagement with the message occurs. And if the engagement does not happen in the predefined time frame, you can send the contact down an alternate path.

Select Your A/B Test Version at a Glance
The thumbnail previews now appear by default when you copy or change an A/B Test email in Pardot, making it easier to choose which version to keep. There are no pop-ups, fewer clicks, and a quicker setup time.


4. Analytics

Edit Multiple Fields Inline on the Report Run Page to save time (Beta)
With this new feature, you can save time and stay to date by editing multiple records inline on the report run page.
You can make inline changes in multiple rows or columns, and then save all the changes with a single click. You can update multiple statuses or clean up data without rerunning your report with this functionality.

Simplify collaboration with enhanced Folder Sharing
Enhanced Folder Sharing improves the overall user experience, simplifying collaboration and staying on top of the game. Enhanced Folder Sharing simplifies folder creation and changes how you interact with reports and dashboards in shared folders.

5. Commerce

B2B Promotions
Under the B2B promotions, you can create and share coupons for your B2B store. You can offer fixed discounts on B2B store products and combine discounts under one B2B store promotion.

6. Industries

Net-zero Cloud
Net Zero Cloud is a brand-new name for sustainability cloud. Spring ’22 has brought this feature which calculates greenhouse gas emissions by using global emission factors. You can collect, categorise, and analyse energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions data throughout your organisation’s business activities. You can manage your waste footprint, set science-based emission reduction targets, forecast carbon emissions, and achieve carbon neutrality with Net Zero Analytics.

7. Mobile

New Tablet Experience Performance Tuned for Tablet users
The Salesforce mobile app for iPad and Android tablets now includes Lightning on Tablet, a new full-width tablet app experience. This unique tablet app experience is optimised for tablet users. What’s more? Lightning apps, navigation, record pages, portrait and landscape mode rotation, and design time previews are all enabled in Lightning App Builder.


8. Einstein

Use profile images to distinguish between users or groups with similar names, making your search process more manageable
It’s time-consuming to look for the proper files when there’s a lot of data in the same place. Things are now straightforward with Einstein’s new functionality. Instant results and record previews now display the profile image next to the corresponding record for records that support it.


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