Salesforce rolled out its latest suite of advancements in the form of its Spring release from December 14, 2023, to February 9, 2024. And with it, Salesforce continues to refine its platform across sales, analytics, marketing, service, commerce, and more to streamline operations and enhance your productivity and business capabilities. The new and AI-driven features of the spring updates feel meticulously aligned with the convenience of users in mind, ensuring that you can leverage the full potential of Salesforce to propel your business forward.  

Join us as we delve into how these enhancements can change the way you approach your business and customers today. 



1. Get a Comprehensive View of Your Accounts with the Account Intelligence View 

Now get a comprehensive overview of account health, including activity, opportunities, and cases. The new intelligence view saves you considerable time by centralising all relevant information in one place, allowing your sales to make informed decisions and prioritise effectively. Before, you could only access a simple list view and had to navigate to individual records to view opportunity, activity, or case data.  

Now with this updated view, you can easily filter accounts and get statistics, easily toggle detailed view between detailed log activities, opportunities, and case data for individual records, without leaving the intelligence view. 

2. Keep Your Focus on Contacts with Insights in the Contact Intelligence View

Get engaged with your contacts, with the help of new engagement metrics introduced in the Contact Intelligence View. These let you easily identify which contacts are actively engaging and which require attention, helping you focus your efforts where they matter most. This feature aids in nurturing your business relationships and maximising your sales opportunities. 

Moreover, Einstein Contact Suggestions now suggests you potential contacts based on your past interactions and activities. The tool streamlines the process of finding new leads, enabling you and your sales teams to expand their networks efficiently and ultimately drive more revenue for your business. 

3. Keep Track of Your Leads and Get AI Insights with the Lead Intelligence View

 Similar to contact insights, the engagement metrics in the lead intelligence view allow you to gauge lead engagement levels. You can thus prioritise follow-ups accordingly without losing track of your progress with your leads. The insights from cases, emails and Einstein Conversation further empower you to focus your resources on leads with the highest likelihood of conversion, leading to increased sales efficiency. Keep track of events and tasks with the activity metrics. 

Einstein AI is everywhere and here, too, Einstein will provide you with tailored suggestions to help you improve lead engagement. Leverage these suggestions to enhance your sales outreach strategies and close deals faster, accelerating the sales cycle. 

4. Experience Improved Customer Relationship and Sales Growth Powered by Seller Home 

Seller Home is a centralised hub, giving you an overview of essential information on opportunities, accounts, leads, and contacts, along with your daily individual goals. You’ll gain quick access to essential customer data, enabling you to understand your clients better and tailor your sales approach accordingly. You can further set and track individual goals here. This feature fosters accountability and motivation, driving performance and ultimately boosting sales outcomes. 

In addition, Seller Home ensures that you stay organised and focused on your priorities by providing you with a clear view of daily tasks and events. You even get personalised suggestions, courtesy of Einstein, for expanding networks and strengthening connections that are crucial in helping you cultivate new leads and opportunities. This can only mean improved customer relationship management, better time management and increased sales effectiveness. 


1. Transfer Ownership of Lightning Dashboards (Generally Available)

From Spring ‘24, you can easily transfer ownership of Lightning dashboards when responsibilities change, or team members leave the organisation. There will be no more hassle of cloning or recreating dashboards to transfer access to the new owner. Simply opt to change the control of multiple dashboards at once and notify the new owner by email. This ensures smooth continuity of access and management of important dashboards, enhancing collaboration and productivity within your sales. 

2. Enhance Your Visualisations with Images, Rich Text, and Dashboard Widgets 

Following the Spring release, you can enhance the visual appeal and clarity of your Lightning dashboards with rich text and image widgets. Plus, the feature is available in all Salesforce editions. You’ll be able to create visually stunning and informative dashboards to effectively communicate metrics, KPIs, and data insights, wherever you need it to be. Use your company branding elements and images, play with flow diagrams, and even animated GIFs. Guide whoever needs to go through the data with markups like section titles, or narrative text. The upgraded dashboards support up to 25 widgets, including a maximum of 20 charts and tables, 3 images, and 25 rich text widgets, which were formerly limited to 20.  

With these improved dashboard customisation options, score better user engagement and understanding, ultimately driving informed decision-making and sales performance.

3. Get Focused View with More Dashboard Filters 

With the new release, the availability of dashboard filters has been rolled out to all editions. Refine and target dashboard data with up to five filters in Lightning dashboards. This gives you more flexibility in analysing data, allows control for greater customisation, effectively catering to the specific needs of different teams and business units. With the availability of more filters, you can simply reuse dashboards with preset filters even for different teams. This also reduces redundancy and saves you time by eliminating the need to clone dashboards for different units every time, leading to improved efficiency and better decision-making. 

4. Combine Charts, Text, and Images to Inform, Engage, and Guide Viewers 

Create engaging and informative dashboards by combining charts, text, and images. With these, you can effectively increase user understanding of data insights and create better engagement among users. This feature empowers you to deliver impactful presentations and reports, enhancing communication with stakeholders and driving business success. 


1. Create Compelling Email Subject Lines with Einstein Generative AI

Save time and enhance email marketing effectiveness by utilising generative AI to craft engaging subject lines and body copy. You can enable Einstein generative features in Einstein Copy Insights setup to generate subject lines aligned with your brand’s personality. Test and personalise subject lines to optimise performance. Rest assured, Salesforce Trust Layer ensures data security and privacy so that you can trust the AI-generated content without concerns about bias or data exposure. 

2. Generate Content with Einstein in Account Engagement

Einstein only continues to make things easier for you. Using generative AI with Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement, you can streamline content creation for landing pages, emails, and subject lines. How easy has it made for you to efficiently create compelling forms, landing pages, and email content while keeping you involved in the process to train models and oversee outputs. You have the empowering ability to deliver engaging content consistently, essential in driving customer engagement and conversion rates.

3. Create Rewarding Marketing Strategies with Global Promotions Management 

Simplify the creation of pricing and loyalty promotions with guided flows and diverse options for eligibility criteria. Your marketing managers can easily define promotion rules using intuitive templates, offering multiple rewards to members to drive engagement and sales. With customisable email designs and automated journeys, marketers can notify eligible members about promotions effectively. The Promotion Console app enables centralised management of all aspects of promotions, including rewards and performance tracking. Analytics dashboards provide insights into promotion impact, revenue generation, and member engagement, facilitating informed decision-making and optimisation of marketing strategies. 


1. Create Rich Service Documents with Document Builder (Beta) 

Use Document Builder to create enhanced professional service documents that align with your business goals and branding and facilitate more effective and efficient workflows for mobile workers. The Spring release comes packed with many upgraded features, including document preview, signature capture, embedded images, and PDF generation, enabling seamless communication with your customers. Document Builders further offers standard components and also the ability to create custom Lightning web components (LWCs) for easy and flexible customisation of service documents. You can utilise spanning fields to incorporate relevant data from related records in your service documents, thus optimising accuracy and completeness in documentation. 

2. Foster Better Communication with Customers with Einstein for Service

Improve multilingual support and enhance your customer service with Einstein for Service. You can now access work summaries and service replies in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Furthermore, Einstein Conversation Mining leverages your conversation data to gain insights and create bot intents, facilitating proactive and personalised service. Give your agents’ productivity a boost with AI-powered service replies for chat and email. These replies are available in all six languages and are based on knowledge articles, thus ensuring accurate and efficient responses. 

3. Empower Your Agents to Predict Customer Escalations

Empower your agents with AI-powered insights to anticipate customer escalations while they’re working on cases. The Propensity to Escalate model, developed using Einstein Studio No Code Builder, provides estimations of customers likely to escalate their cases. This predictive capability allows your agents to proactively address issues and prevent escalations, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention. 


1. Elevate Your B2B and D2C Commerce Stores with AI-driven features

The Spring release is packed with powerful Einstein AI-driven features like Goals and Recommendations, the Commerce Concierge chatbot, and Smart Promotions to elevate your commerce store. Guests can now log in without losing their shopping carts, and split orders to ship to multiple locations. Customise store setups with ease using Commerce Easy Set Up and enhance SEO with meta tags. Additionally, improve customer engagement with subscriptions and efficiently manage promotions to drive sales. 

2. Optimise Customer Shopping Experience with Commerce Concierge Bot 

Commerce Concierge bot is here to make your customers’ shopping experience even better. The bot provides conversational product discovery and reordering capabilities to enhance their shopping experience. Your customers can authenticate, access multiple accounts, and leverage AI-powered features for seamless shopping across digital channels. Powered by Einstein generative AI, the bot offers personalised responses and recommendations. This simplifies the B2B purchase process further with plain language prompts and image-based searches.  

3. Make Order Management More Effective and Efficient 

There’s so much the Spring release brings in for your order management. With the new exchange API, you can easily streamline product returns and exchanges. This allows your customer service representatives to process exchanges directly for your customers. Furthermore, provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience by enabling guest checkout and simplify order creation with the High Scale Order Integration. You can also enhance your product information with the Order Management Product Selector Component and align terminology with Salesforce Flow Builder for better workflow management. 

4. Create Customised Cart, Checkout, and Promotions

Make this even more convenient for your customers by allowing guests to log in without emptying their shopping carts. Enable split shipping to deliver orders to multiple locations and fulfil orders from multiple fulfilment centres. Encourage your customers to make larger purchases with attractive promotions and set coupon redemption limits to control usage. You can make custom promotions with conditional rules, or utilise the Cart Calculate API for enhanced cart and checkout customisation in new webstores. 


In summary, Salesforce Spring 2024 brings practical solutions to further enhance your business capabilities. With its user-friendly AI-driven features spanning across all clouds, you can streamline processes and boost your productivity with ease.  

Dogma is committed to supporting your digital journey towards success, and we’re excited to see the positive impact these updates will have on your organisation.

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