Scribe Insight Software for data migration and integration

January 12, 2016

An Overview of Scribe Insight Software

It’s common enough in many of today’s companies to have a number of disparate systems to help run the business profitably and efficiently. It’s also very common that few of these systems “talk” to each other so companies end up with silos of duplicated data that has to be re-keyed several times and maintained in all it’s different guises. Whilst there are some integrated systems out there, the integration is often prescriptive and generally additional systems will still be needed to properly run the business which, by definition, won’t be integrated.

So what’s the solution? Well one way is to purchase  Scribe Insight software, a highly functional tool that will not only help import initial data-sets but also flow data between multiple source and target systems.

Scribe Insight software gives users the flexibility to define how a data import or system integration may be structured and any number of systems can be linked together.

A classic use that we see very often is an initial import of data in to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system followed by integrating that CRM system with the finance or ERP system. Integration can be configured as a simple “pull” and display of data such as Credit Rating and Sales Order history or a more complex “push and pull” of data such as customer names, addresses, quotes and orders to avoid re-keying and ensuring an accurate master set of data. To assist in these types of integrations Scribe Insight software comes with a number of pre-configured adapters that speed up the development time of integration packages. Bespoke packages can also be created for pretty much any type of system.

If Scribe Insight software for data migrations and integrations sounds like something your business needs then check out more information on Scribe Insight or contact SeeLogic to discuss. Alternatively take a look at the video below which gives a great overview of Scribe.