Microsoft Inspire 2023 highlighted a diverse array of data and analytics advancements, notably emphasising the integration of AI. Whether you’re interested in the amplified capabilities of Microsoft Fabric or seeking insights into the benefits of Microsoft Purview for stronger data governance, we have you covered. Foster collaborative data-driven innovation and adopt Azure Migrate and Modernise and Azure Innovate for a smooth cloud journey facilitated by open and governed data estates.   

Read on to unlock your data’s true potential with Microsoft’s cloud-scale analytics, driving exponential business growth. 

1. Get a Unified SaaS Product Experience for Deeper Data Insights 

Microsoft Fabric is bringing together various powerful technologies, such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, and Power BI, into a cohesive and user-friendly environment—that too with new experiences like Data Activator. Data Activator sets specific rules to trigger actions based on changes in your data. This automates data monitoring and provides timely alerts, enabling you to respond quickly to opportunities and issues.   

Moreover, Fabric’s unified SaaS (Software as a Service) experience streamlines the data management, analysis, and visualisation processes by eliminating the need to switch between applications. Additionally, combining Microsoft Fabric with Azure Databricks opens access to advanced analytics tools and AI-driven insights in one place, which enhances your data analysis, modelling, and machine learning capabilities. This enables your organisation to uncover valuable patterns, trends, and predictive insights that drive informed decisions and innovation.  

In essence, the unified SaaS experience empowers you to engage with data within a single AI-powered platform, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing productivity for meaningful business outcomes. 

2. Unify Data, Eliminate Sprawl and Improve Data Management Efficiency 

Microsoft Fabric comes with a powerful feature that unifies your data estate. It establishes an open-end lake-centric hub, which is a centralised and scalable data storage system. This allows your data engineers to connect and curate data from diverse sources. You get a comprehensive view of the data with optimised data analysis capabilities. Here, you can access custom views tailored to your needs, facilitating more effective decision-making.  

Additionally, with Fabric’s data unification capability, you can control unprecedented data growth across various systems, also keeping data governance in check. This dignified control over your data eliminates data complexities and redundancies. It ensures data security and compliance and saves you from increased costs that result from data sprawl. 

3. Foster a Culture of Collaborative Data-Driven Innovation 

Data-driven innovation thrives when everyone can access and collaborate on insights. Microsoft Fabric’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365 applications like Excel and Teams brings the power of data insights directly to where your teams work every day. This ease of access to valuable data insights within familiar tools, such as Excel for data analysis and Teams for collaboration, drives informed decisions and collaboration within your organisation. This integration simplifies working with data and eliminates the need to switch between platforms, thus saving time and effort. It ultimately leads to smoother workflow for data-driven tasks, fostering productivity and efficiency for improved outcomes. 

4. Maintain Data Integrity and Elevate Data Governance with Microsoft Purview  

Microsoft Fabric seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Purview, offering robust tools for information protection, data loss prevention, and auditing. This integration enhances data governance and security within the analytic platform. It ensures that sensitive data is properly classified, secured, and monitored, preventing unauthorised access and data breaches. With its comprehensive data auditing capabilities, your organisation can meet regulatory compliance needs and adhere to governance standards. 

The governed data estate strengthens data and analytics processes, establishing a secure and regulated data environment for responsible business growth. Promote better data governance, accountability and integrity across your organisation. This provides you with data-driven insights that can confidently support informed decision-making.  

5. Embrace Azure Migrate and Modernise and Azure Innovate 

Microsoft introduced two new Azure offerings, Azure Migrate and Modernise and Azure Innovate, to support you throughout your cloud journey.  

Azure Migrate and Modernise offers an extensive set of tools that simplify the migration and modernisation of data and applications to Azure. This empowers you to process and analyse vast amounts of data effortlessly at cloud scale. Thus, ultimately rewarding you with real-time insights for informed decision-making, leading to business growth.  

Azure Innovate further delivers advanced solutions for innovation, incorporating AI integration, advanced analytics, and custom cloud-native applications. By infusing AI into apps and experiences, you get the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics. These analytics provide greater insights into diverse customer needs, patterns and trends, ensuring your competitive edge. 

And there’s more. Both these offerings guarantee open and governed data estates, prioritising data security, compliance, and governance across your organisation. This robust data governance framework builds trust in your data, allowing you to use it confidently for analytics and actionable business insights. A governed data environment also enables effective data quality management for precise and reliable analytics results

In conclusion 

Microsoft’s cloud-scale analytics equips you with data and AI capabilities, promoting growth for a successful future. Explore deeper insights into this year’s Microsoft Inspire event through our blogs.   

For more on adopting these powerful solutions, leverage Dogma’s expertise to navigate your business around the complexities of data and AI. Achieve your business goals with Microsoft and Dogma. 


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