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Dogma Group SiriusOctopus365 Now Available on Microsoft AppSource  

December 16, 2021

London, United Kingdom — December 15, 2021 — Dogma Group officially announces the launch of SiriusOctopus365, a one-stop intuitive solution for your Master Data Management integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace offering tailored line-of-business solutions.  

SiriusOctopus365 addresses a gap in the market for an affordable and simple-to-use Master Data Management solution that functions as the best-in-class tool to consolidate all your legal entities and their respective databases within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem.  

Often, multiple companies within a corporate group do not share their data with each other. This results in unnecessary effort to maintain their databases. SiriusOctopus365 enables companies to access the required data from a consolidated, shared platform.   

This cloud-based MDM solution removes data silos and reduces database maintenance costs. Other major features include easy navigationfield-level configurationdata level filtering and sync across multiple entities. The setup supports multi-domain entities and offers an easy setup and navigation. 


What makes the solution unique is that it is:  

  • Easy to setup with a simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Helps in easy data filtration and tagging 
  • Requires single setup for all your legal entities 
  • Easy and instant access to the latest data 
  • Facilitates seamless data synchronisation with Templates 
  • Strengthens your reporting with Power BI 
  • Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
  • Real-time data synchronisation 
  • Available at just £10 per legal entity 

With this tool, managers can get a 360° view of their data ecosystem and seamlessly manage data across subsidiary companies within a corporate group. It also handles cross-country transformations such as date, time, and currency to ensure data relevancy, improving collaborative efficiency. In this solution, you don’t need to set up data individually and configure it in each legal entity. 

Eddie Harford, CEO of Dogma Group stated, “With exponential growth in data volume, MDM has become a necessary solution for industries to ensure security, scalability and efficiency. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the official launch of SiriusOctopus365, a one-stop intuitive solution for your Master Data Management integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. ” 

“One of the finest features of SiriusOctopus365 is that the companies don’t need to set up data individually and configure it in each legal entity, as you can easily configure the setup in SiriusOctopus365 and synchronise data quickly, without hassle,” Eddie adds further.

 “We consulted with our customers and leveraged the expertise of our team including business analysts, data analysts, ERP consultants, user experience consultants, product specialists and developers among others in the development process. The team is looking forward to continually evolving the product to keep it cutting-edge.” 

SiriusOctopus365 works natively within Dynamics 365 Business Central, providing a complete master data management solution in one place. Moreover, it enables newly integrated companies to get up and run quickly with the necessary data, without the need to set up the system from scratch.  SiriusOctopus365 has field and data level filtering features including log creation/tracking which enables audit of changes. These features are the best fit for modern businesses. 

SiriusOctopus365 is a single-data management setup for maintaining, sharing, synchronizing, and retrieving data across your corporate group. 

Learn more about how you can get a free trial of SiriusOctopus365 by visiting its page on Microsoft AppSource.  

About Dogma Group  


Dogma is a group of companies helping you understand the fuller picture of cutting-edge technology and implementing it effectively. This drives real outcomes around transformation, actionable insight, customer experience, and operational efficiency. Dogma includes four specialist companies: SeeLogic, SeeLogic International, SiriusApp and DynamicAI. As single businesses, these provide focus and deep knowledge in their area of expertise: as a Group they provide integrated services offering you a greater breadth and bigger outcomes without the need for multiple suppliers and the challenges that can entail.