Whether it’s promoting products and brands through Omni-channel consistently or understanding the customers at each stage to establish a marketing strategy, Marketing Cloud makes everything a breeze. What’s more; timely Salesforce updates make it an even better and more robust marketing solution with each release. And this time, too, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud has added several beneficial features and enhanced the existing ones to make it easier and more helpful for users looking to boost their marketing efforts with Marketing cloud.

Engagement tracking, powerful content creation and more detailed information about the customers are a few of several highly beneficial updates that have come with the summer update for users.

1. Marketing cloud dashboard to understand email engagement

How many emails are too many? And what is the optimal email frequency in terms of customer engagement? If you’re still concerned about marketing being an ultimate guessing game, this feature will undoubtedly come in handy to view the possible outcomes.

Salesforce has introduced a marketing cloud dashboard that gives an overview of email frequency based on your contacts’ saturation levels. This means you’ll be able to track the frequency of your emails and see how it affects engagement. Engagement can be opening, clicking or unsubscribing over time. With the visibility that this feature provides, you can plan and schedule your emails accordingly.

You may use the dashboard to assess the quality of your data for email or mobile interaction and have better insight into frequency performance. The feature helps you identify the prospects that are experiencing email fatigue, as well as those that are not receiving enough messages so that you can adjust your message frequency. As for those who are on track, you can continue with your existing email strategy.

You can now segment and target based on these categories: on-target, over-saturated, and under-saturated. The What-If analyser in this feature maximises your on-target saturation contact levels to better plan for your upcoming campaigns and check how contacts perform across all your journeys.

2. Use Database Exports to eliminate data silos

When a department does not share its data with the rest of the organisation, it silos vital information. It keeps the organisation from harnessing the true potential of all its data. Understanding consumer psychology, market research data, competitive intelligence and customer voices are critical for all departments. However, specialised marketing technologies used by teams to collect data can result in a situation where the data is only visible to a particular department but not everyone across the organisation. This facilitates the creation of marketing data silos.

The Marketing Cloud now offers a solution to this issue. Users can now export clean and harmonised marketing data directly and easily to the corporate database. This feature eliminates data silos and turns information into powerful insights that enable in-depth research, data-driven decision making and strategy implementation. Moreover, it allows you to export data from Marketing Cloud Intelligence to an enterprise database such as Snowflake and PostgreSQL.

Get ready to automate the exporting of Intelligence marketing data with Database Exports and enhance enterprise-wide analytics by making marketing insights accessible while viewing your company data thoroughly anytime.

3. Intelligence App to improve customer journey with valuable data

With this new feature, you can unify all your data from marketing and non-marketing platforms to gain complete visibility into your customers. With the Intelligence App for Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform, you can pull calculated insights, ingest predefined insights on demographics, engagement and conversion and deploy out-of-the-box dashboards in Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

The additional data exchange with Marketing Cloud Engagement Platform improves customer journey experiences with valuable data and lets you generate personalised experiences optimised across channels. You can also utilise customer data platform information to trigger push mobile notifications to contact points in the marketing cloud interaction to deliver personalised mobile messages.

4. Feature enhancements in Marketing Cloud Einstein and Analytics

Salesforce has also added some exciting features to Einstein and Analytics.

Get Activity Metrics with Google Analytics in Journey Builder: A compelling enhancement indeed, Google Analytics is now integrated with Journey Builder. This feature lets you observe how your SMS, mobile and email activities throughout a journey affect conversion event on a website or mobile app.

Get More Accurate Predictions with Updated Einstein Models for Mail Privacy Protection: This feature is extremely beneficial, too. Salesforce has upgraded Einstein and Mail Privacy Protection to handle the growing number of Mail Privacy Protection initiatives, empowering you with more accurate predictions. The models employ a hybrid measure of openings and clicks combined with probabilistic capabilities that distinguish between a machine-generated open and a subscriber open.

Learn Which Language Factors Affect Subject Line Performance: Through the update, you can uncover which language factor impacts your subject line. This feature will help you improve your subject lines with the subject line tester in Einstein Copy Insights. You also get a score and guidance on modifying subject lines to get the highest impact.

Einstein Weather Content Selection: This interesting update lets you personalise and promote your content based on local weather conditions, including forecasts for temperature, precipitation and alarms for events. You can use indices to rate conditions, like Biking = Excellent, or UX Index = High. Then, Einstein selects matching values for contacts based on forecasts.

What’s Next?

Find out how your organisation can benefit from the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud release.

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