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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service April 2019 update will bring new features like SMS support, live chat, portal messaging, along with new Omni-channel engagement hub. In this blog, we will discuss some of the major features.

Omni-channel engagement hub

One of the most anticipated arrivals for Customer Service is the new Omni-channel engagement hub, a cloud-based service that enables you to connect and communicate with your customers via live chat, SMS and customer service portals. This allows your agents to engage with your customers across different channels through a highly customisable app. To ensure utmost effectivity of your agents, this app offers contextual customer identification, real-time notifications, and agent productivity tools like knowledgebase integration, search and case creation.

Omni-channel engagement hub


SMS Support

This feature will help you create a two-way conversation through SMS to connect you more personally with your customers. Key capabilities include:

  • Seamless setup experience of SMS channel for conversational SMS messages inside the application to increase support agent productivity.
  • Updating customers with automated response management and automated SMS notifications, including notifications to customers during case creation, case resolution, appointment reminders.
  • Two-way texting between customers and your organization for product inquiry, installation query, support issues and many more through direct text messages.

Note: Customers will need an SMS subscription with Telesign to leverage the two-way texting capabilities.

Live chat channel

Live chat is popular because of its simplicity and simultaneous engagement with multiple customers at a time. Key capabilities that aim  to increase agent productivity:

  • You can now create multiple chat widgets to segregate Portal users and create personalised experiences based on their profile, organizational preferences, and location on the website.
  • You can configure business hours to hide the chat widget, show only during specific times, or show an offline survey outside of business hours.
  • Anticipate customer issues and address them proactively by creating rule-based triggers to create dynamic call-to-action bubbles on chat widgets. You can define your own rules based on your target audience, location, user context, and so on.

Live Chat Channel ConversationLive Chat Channel

Portal messaging

It’s possible today for customers to create cases and request support using Dynamics 365 Portal. With Portal messaging, these work items can be routed to appropriate agents via the unified routing and work distribution system of Omni-channel Engagement Hub. Agents can use the same multi-session experience to handle these work items alongside those coming in from channels such as Live Chat, SMS, and so on.

Virtual Agent

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service allows organizations to automate routine conversations, letting agents focus on high-value interactions. Key capabilities include:

  • Routing incoming chat requests to virtual agents.
  • Enabling escalation of conversations from virtual agents to a human agent.
  • Providing complete context to human agents by making available the full transcript of virtual agent conversations.
  • Enabling customer service managers to monitor conversations being handled by virtual agents.

Virtual Agent Hub Virtual Agent

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