cloud ERP

Cloud ERPs are scalable, as you grow and change, you can add users & modules, work mobile, and more.

cloud erp

Integration unites you into one system, increases efficiency, reduces errors, and produces a slick fast-moving empowered machine. Integration also gives you more powerful data, which in-turn develops insights, creates step change, & drives competitive advantage. 

cloud erp

ERP solution- an enabler to meet business goals

As you grow or your expectations grow, your legacy ERP might end up becoming more of a problem than a solution.  

Some of the pains your business might face from ageing ERP are:  

  • ERP system is rigid, not scalable and expensive  
  • Your team is functioning in silos and tools are not integrated 
  • You can’t extract the reports and insights in ‘real-time’ 
  • You do not have a Cloud ERP or is not implemented properly 

The good news: here are our top reasons why an integrated cloud ERP can be your business enabler.

1. Scale the system as your business grows or changes with Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is agile and can scale along with your business– steering you stay ahead of the competition! As your business expands, the requirement for managing information escalates.  Cloud ERP is scalable; you can add users and modules as you grow, work mobile, and integrate with other platforms. 

Whereas with a legacy ERP, working remotely or on multiple locations will be challenging. Keeping your ERP tied to a local server also puts your business at risk of data loss due to errors, malfunctions, or disasters. Therefore, by moving to the cloud, you give your employees the flexibility to work from home anywhere, anytime, and on any device!  

cloud erp

One such cloud ERP is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a comprehensive business management solution with flexible scalability; suitable for small start-ups to global agglomerates.

2. Collaborate seamlessly with a connected, integrated and automated end-to-end solution

Today, when everything must connect, working with siloed systems will only result in time wasted in manual processes, duplicate data, and insufficient reporting.  

An integrated solution unites you into one system, gives meaningful insights, increases efficiency, and gives you a competitive advantage. For example, when you process a sales order, the sales data is recorded in the sales system, the stock-out is recorded in the inventory management system, and invoice details are entered in the finance system for billing. You get a holistic picture of your business process. 

cloud erp

ERP solutions like Business Central covers every aspect of your business process — from marketing, sales, service, operations, to finance. It integrates with Dynamics 365 modules, Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, etc, and gives a full view of your business allowing you to make smarter decisions. 

3. Inventory, sales, cashflows, debtors – today you need a full picture & ‘real-time’ insight 

Does reporting consume the lion’s share of your day?  Or, are you forced to make strategic decisions based on out-of-date, incomplete, or simply erroneous data?   

Often, an old ERP system limits the productivity of your employees due to slow operational speed and manual work. Business Intelligence may seem a distant dream due to data sets being disconnected from each other. To conduct in-depth analysis, you might manually extract data and run analysis which, of course, is time-consuming.   

Whereas, a cloud ERP would help you understand the health of your business better by making it easy for you to keep track of your cashflows, debtors, sales, inventory levels, project overrunsmargins, and more. 

business central

With a modern ERP like Business Centralyou get real-time insights, in-depth reporting, and tailored dashboards. Your employees are now able to drill down into specific accounts to identify driversindicators, and metrics nearly impossible to uncover with an outdated system! 

For instance, using AI-powered “Cortana Intelligence” and embedded “Power BI” option in Business Central, you can easily analyse historical data, export reports in multiple formats, and make smarter decisions in managing your stocks, accounts payables/receivables, and respond promptly to your customers.

4. Increase your financial visibility with a cost-effective and hassle-free system

Maintaining a legacy ERP system past its prime will become even more costly as time goes on. By sticking with outdated systems, the only way to workaround would be to invest more money to make tweaks to the system or add-ons to make your system work smoothly.   

Whereas, with cloud ERP you pay monthly license fees and can avoid high software investment costs.  You can also make informed decisions with connected data across accounting, sales, purchasing, and customer transactions, get better control over your finances and improve your forecast accuracy.

Want to customise your ERP package to suit your business requirements?  Build your package and get an estimated cost with our Cost Calculator! 

5. Get a future-proof solution with regular system updates and built-in-security

Another problem with old ERP is that most vendors would have discontinued their support, so if any problem arises, your business operation gets affected. Legacy ERP systems may no longer get regular updates which can make your system vulnerable to security breaches and bugs.  

Using Business Central mitigates any security concerns for your data with a built-in security system that helps protect your database. Microsoft invests over 1 billion every year to perfect its Dynamics 365 suite, so the solution you get is future proof. 

Moreover, your data is safely and securely hosted in the cloud, which is handled and maintained by the technology partner you choose to work with.

business central

What’s Next? 

With the ongoing digital shift, it’s challenging for businesses to sustain and scale with standalone systems.  If you are looking to switch from a legacy ERP to integrated solution, now is the right time with our best-selling Quick Start Business Central Implementation Package Offers!

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We can set up and migrate you to Business Central in under 3 weeks, with custom apps add-ons!  

To begin your digital journey with a partner who’ll be with you every step of the way, get in touch today at +44 01296 328 689 or . Our team will get back to you right away with the assessment of your requirements.  


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