In an economy where every company strives to stay ahead, what can be your competitive advantage? The finest approach to maintain your competitive edge in the market is to adhere to the maxim “Customer is always right!” by offering prompt and efficient customer service. However, maintaining an outstanding client experience is challenging even with technology. That is why Salesforce updates features in Service Cloud constantly so that your agents can access more powerful tools to consistently provide their clients with a great experience.

As it does every season, the Salesforce Service Cloud Summer 2022 has brought new updates that includes beneficial improvements for the best possible customer experience. Quicker resettlement of incidents, a better-streamlined workforce and KPIs evaluation of incident management are some exciting benefits of this season’s upgrades.

The release notes are long and extensive, but as your trusted advisors, we have quickly summarised our rundown of the top 4 unmissable updates for Salesforce Service Cloud.

1. Resolve incidents quicker with Swarming in Slack

According to Salesforce, 82% of consumers expect to be able to handle complicated problems by speaking with only one person. However, the traditional support approach of elevating tough issues to managers makes it challenging for the team to perform efficiently, severely impacting the customer experience. And Salesforce understands these requirements very well, which is why it introduced Case Swarming in Slack in the Summer 2022 release. Case Swarming in Slack is the best approach to manage customer concerns since it allows consumers to interact with only one agent for each case who has immediate access to the expertise needed to fix each issue swiftly.

The enhancement helps the customer service and development and operations (DevOps) teams better collaborate when a widespread incident occurs. Creating collaborative strategies between different departments has endless benefits, which all boils down to giving the best experience to the customers.

Slack swarming is now available for incidents, issues, and change requests, giving DevOps teams improved insight into an incident as they work to resolve it. Meanwhile, with this feature, the service team will also get timely incident progress reports to keep the customers updated. Since the customer service and DevOps teams can work for faster customer service and consistently meet SLA, this will result in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Swarming-in-Slack - Salesforce Service Cloud

2. Respond to customers quickly and effectively with message alert feature and solutions available in real time during a customer call

With this function, it will be easy for agents to ensure they read all the messages. In addition, the new functionality notifies the agent of a new message and modifies the status color after viewing the message.

The tab for a Messaging Session becomes orange whenever an agent receives a new message and goes back to white once the agent has responded. So now, your agents don’t need to worry about missing any messages needing immediate attention and addressing.

Another exciting update that best serves the customer service agent is that agents can now get help from their supervisor during a call with the customer. For instance, when an agent is uncertain about the solution during a customer call, they can raise a flag while on a call to alert their supervisor when they need immediate help. The supervisors can then privately message the agent to help them out. For future convenience, the supervisor’s solution is stored in the transcript.

It results in a quick and accurate response to the customers’ problems, increasing the likelihood of a complete and faster resolution as agents can successfully walk the customer through a solution.

3. Streamline workforce planning with changes in ‘Workforce Engagement’

Salesforce brings various modifications to the Workforce engagement solution in every update to help organisation balance staffing need with intelligent forecasts to deliver a modern and unified experience to the customer. One of the exciting changes for this year’s summer is the rebranding of the Omni-channel Plan as the Capacity Plan.

The name change allows for better staff planning for the non-Omni workflow and the queue-based Omni-Channel routing workflows. With this change, you can do the staff planning effectively on a single screen.

Another change in Workforce Engagement is the “Intraday Management Dashboard”. This feature allows managers to discover staffing gaps caused by unanticipated increases in demand.

The dashboard only displays data for the current day, helping the supervisors and agents focus on urgent tasks and immediate needs. Careful preparation focusing on the present day is a simple yet critical step to establishing balance in your workforce planning, and this feature allows you to do so.

Intraday Management gives you two views:

  • The Data Graph View of Intraday Management compares the number of agents allocated in the shifts and the number of agents needed to meet the demand for the current business day.
  • The Team Management view displays the schedules and current adherence of the agents according to their shift segments.

Intraday Management- Salesforce Service Cloud

4. Report on KPIs with ‘Incident Management Dashboard and Reports’

How efficient would things be if you could track open incidents and difficulties along with the amount of time it takes to resolve incidents better? Good news: This is now feasible with the Incident Management Dashboard and Reports!

You can get data from the standard field on the incident, problem, and number of change requests created and closed in the dashboard. With this functionality, you can understand your company’s Incident Management Performance. In addition, the dashboard lets you measure user adoption with monthly active users.

Incident Management Dashboard- Salesforce Service Cloud

What’s Next?

Want to find out how your organisation can benefit from the latest Salesforce Sales Cloud release?

As a Salesforce Elite Partner, we provide in-depth consultation on implementing the release changes to best suit your business.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on 01296 328 689 Or email us at more insights on the key enhancements across the different modules from Salesforce 2022 Summer Release:

Salesforce 2022 Summer Release: 8 exciting features from Salesforce Summer 2022 Release. 

What are some significant features of Sales Cloud from Summer 2022 Release?  


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