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Technological progress, shifting customer tastes, and a highly competitive market all necessitate that businesses be agile and forward-thinking. And the most recent Salesforce Marketing Cloud update for Spring ’24 does just that. This release brings you tools and capabilities intended to address common difficulties faced by your organisations to enhance efficiency, personalisation, and overall campaign effectiveness. Let’s sneak a quick look at these updates and see how you can leverage them to overcome obstacles and accomplish your marketing goals more successfully. 

1. Enhance Your Engagement Journeys 

In this release, boost your email sending efficiency with High-Throughput Sending in Journey Builder Emails. This allows you to double or even triple your sending throughput, ensuring timely delivery of messages to your subscribers. Additionally, managing multiple journeys is now more seamless with the ability to pause and resume up to 10 journeys at once from the Journey dashboard. This provides enhanced control and flexibility, streamlining journey management workflows.   

Furthermore, the Journey History dashboard now offers detailed insights with the inclusion of Activity IDs. This enables you to easily differentiate between different activities within journeys for improved analysis and optimisation. Journey Builder also provides proactive configuration recommendations during journey validation, assisting you in optimising journeys for enhanced performance without activation delays. Finally, track URL interactions more effectively using Engagement Split activities for deeper insights into email engagement and customer behaviour. 

2. Transform Your Account Engagement

Streamline content creation workflows with Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement, promoting efficiency and creativity across email subject lines and landing page copy. Integration with Data Cloud enables personalised marketing efforts using email engagement data, providing deeper insights and more targeted campaigns. 

Moreover, access to more data is enabled with new and updated objects in the Account Engagement API version 5. This will empower your team with richer insights and improved integration capabilities. 

3. Work Smarter with Einstein and Analytics

Formerly known as Einstein Probabilistic Opens, Einstein Metrics Guard now distinguishes machine-generated bot opens from genuine subscriber opens, ensuring accurate metrics and insights. Also, Intelligence Reports now support WhatsApp, providing comprehensive insights into WhatsApp engagement and campaign performance, further enhancing omnichannel marketing strategies. Additionally, you can effortlessly build targeted audience segments using generative AI with Einstein Segment Creation, leveraging trusted customer data for precise targeting and personalisation. 

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4. Create a Cohesive Customer Experience with Cross-Cloud Engagement

Enhance personalisation in Distributed Marketing emails by utilising data from various Salesforce objects, including Opportunity, Account, Campaign, and Case, for highly tailored and relevant communications. Simplify email creation with the new Phrases content block as it enables you to create reusable templates for similar email campaigns, improving consistency and productivity. Moreover, you can also create Campaign dashboards to enable data-driven decision-making and optimisation by monitoring user engagement and campaign effectiveness. 

5. Embrace Growth and Innovation with Marketing Cloud Growth

Marketing Cloud Growth edition provides a tailored experience for your marketing team, empowering them to kick-start campaigns, build meaningful audiences, and create automated messaging with ease.  

Marketing Cloud Growth

Einstein generative AI will assist you throughout the campaign lifecycle, from generating campaign briefs to suggesting content, driving efficiency. With Marketing Cloud Growth, you can easily create and host emails, landing pages, and forms backed by Salesforce CMS, ensuring consistent branding and user experience across content types. 

Marketing Campaign Salesforce

To Note: 

1. The Twitter Connector Has Been Retired due to API term changes by Twitter (formerly X).   

2. To support the transition to Flow, Process Builder processes used by Marketing Cloud Connect are being automatically migrated to record-triggered flows. 

3. Update your Account Engagement sending domains to prepare for the 2024 email platform changes announced by Gmail and Yahoo. Add verified DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records to avoid spam filters. 

4. The classic Marketing app is now known as Marketing CRM Classic, retaining access to CRM objects like leads and campaigns.   

With these updates, Salesforce Marketing Cloud continues to empower organisations to deliver impactful experiences, driving engagement, loyalty, and growth. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we continue this journey to marketing excellence together! 

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