Traditionally, on-premises installation required expert CRM consultants. Consultants who could install and configure hardware such as a server with software such as the desktop CRM. They would integrate other applications, like Office 365 productivity tools, ensuring all systems worked seamlessly together. In addition, the CRM consultant would liaise with internal IT teams regarding future upgrades and enhancements.

But in today’s world of cloud-based CRM systems, which are always available and ready to go on a subscription basis. You may ask yourself whether you still need to involve CRM consultants.

Well, our view, of course, is Yes!

It may appear on an initial view that purchasing licences without using a CRM consultant will be cheaper. However, a good consultancy will take pride in reducing overall life-time costs as well as ensuring user-adoption across your business.

A CRM consultant will ensure your project success in a number of ways:

Understanding your business processes

The reasons for introducing a system may be clear and you may have internal IT team capable of customisation. However, your IT team are unlikely to be experts in sales, marketing and other business functions.

CRM consultants understand business processes and that there is much more involved than simply adding a few custom fields here and there. A good consultant helps you to understand the overall process, business requirements and objectives behind any deployment. At SeeLogic, we offer a range of services such as business process mapping and fit-gap analysis to understand and evaluate your specific business requirements.

There is sometimes a tendency for internal IT departments to focus on field customisations and they may not appreciate the various interactions and processes between sales, marketing, HR and customer service departments.

Key thought: A good consultancy will ensure your business processes are reviewed and mapped accordingly to a new system. This ensures better workflows and efficiency from the start.

User Adoption

Change Management is key to a successful CRM project. It is a well-known fact that one of the biggest obstacles to a successful CRM implementation is gaining user buy-in. The latest technology and the promise of being able to work smarter and more productively may be exciting for some. For others, however, learning how to use a new system and moving away from ingrained processes may seem more of a daunting proposition.

This is where an effective Change Management strategy is crucial to ensure all end-users are brought on board from the very beginning of a project and supported once the new system has gone live. Ultimately, it takes away the fear of the unknown and provides reassurance throughout the transition process to help them embrace their new system.

High-quality training delivered by experienced expert trainers can reap dividends in engendering understanding and enthusiasm in your users. SeeLogic can provide high-quality in-context training and on-going support to your team; we also deploy other methods such as surveys and email campaigns to give your employees a voice help ascertain their expectations of a new CRM system including their interests, needs and any concerns at the very beginning of the project.

Key thought: Simply purchasing licences for the latest cloud CRM technology is not enough to guarantee that the workforce will start using it straight away. Lack of user-adoption is a prime reason many CRM projects fail. SeeLogic provides a range of services to engage potential CRM users and ensure that the entire workforce feels the benefits of the new CRM.

IntegrationThe evolved integration of your website, marketing automation software and finance system brings in valuable customer information directly into your CRM software solution. Potentially the installation and configuration of your CRM system is only the first step on the ‘yellow brick road’.

At SeeLogic, we have undertaken many complex integration projects with multiple software across multiple platforms. We can help with a range of integration requirements and use the latest technology to achieve a smooth transition. This area includes working with other applications, such as email marketing software, all the way through to high-end marketing automation integration with systems such as HubSpot. This knowledge is unlikely to be found within your internal IT department.

Key thought:  The purchasing of licences may be simple enough but integrating across multiple platforms can be very complicated.  A consultancy will have lots of experience in integrating complex systems.  SeeLogic is an expert systems integrator, structured around eleven centres of excellence for thorough product knowledge.



Your IT team will have other important mission critical services to support or may be limited in their experience and understanding of the new system. This is where using a consultant who offers support is essential.

SeeLogic offers expert phone and email assistance when you need help with CRM. Whether you are an organisation that provides 24-hour services to your customers, operates globally, or operates during standard business hours. SeeLogic has got you covered with a range of support packages to meet your needs.

SeeLogic offers the following support options:

Standard support
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 17:30 pm

Extended support
Monday to Friday, 04:00am to 20:00pm

Follow-the-Sun support
Monday to Sunday, 09:00 am to 17:30 pm

Monday to Sunday, 24 hours

Best Practice

At SeeLogic, we have implemented over 700 CRM systems, so have met and resolved all sorts of implementation challenges.  We work to latest cyber security and GDPR best practice. Therefore, we can ensure that your system is correctly implemented to the highest standards.

Key thought:  By working with a consultant you get the benefit of many years experience should any unforeseen circumstances arise.


Time and resource

You may be in the fortunate position that your IT team have the experience and capability to implement the new CRM with your existing systems. Whilst it is great they have the capability, do they have the capacity? Your IT colleagues will be busy with their day jobs, time spent on a new project might lead to business-as-usual tasks suffering. When you work with a consultancy such as SeeLogic, you are guaranteed a level of service availability. We have a scalable workforce in the UK and Nepal so that if we need extra bandwidth to ensure a project meets the deadline, we can draw on this trusted and experienced extra resource.

Key thought: Capability and capacity are two different issues. Outsourcing is not a judgement towards the skill of internal teams, it is a practical way of ensuring the business can move forward without impacting current work levels.

A final thought and next steps

A final word on using consultants. We have a long-term interest and stake in the successful implementation of your system and will invest time and effort to ensure successful system adoption, as well as in supporting your deployment over the years to come. We are here to support the ongoing evolution of the system, we notify and advise on getting the best from new releases and add-ons.

If you are considering upgrading to a cloud-based system and have questions on the best approach, we provide lifetime savings calculations, consultations and more to help you decide. Please complete the form below to receive a bespoke consultation.


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