Microsoft 2024 First Release Dynamics 365 Field Service

Introducing the Future of Field Service Management: Microsoft’s 2024 Release Wave 1 updates for Dynamics 365 Field Service! Reforming and simplifying the way work orders are managed, these updates bring forth AI-driven solutions that streamline operations and enhance productivity. With Copilot for Field Service integrated into Microsoft Teams, creating, viewing, and managing work orders becomes effortless, saving valuable time for service managers and frontline workers alike. 

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. From real-time insights for technicians to intuitive mobile experiences, these updates empower field service professionals to deliver exceptional customer service with unprecedented ease. Additionally, features like offline sync settings and seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central further elevate operational efficiency and decision-making. 

Are you ready to embrace the future of field service management? Join us as we explore the transformative potential of Microsoft’s latest updates and discover how Dogma’s experts can guide you through maximising the benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service for your business. 

Create work orders in Teams using AI 

Public preview Aug 2024 

Say goodbye to the hassle of lengthy work order creation! Copilot for Field Service is here to enhance the way you manage work orders. With this feature, available within Microsoft Teams, creating, viewing, and managing work orders becomes a breeze. For instance, Copilot fills in work order details, saving service managers valuable time. Frontline workers and managers can also effortlessly extract and input relevant information, streamlining the entire process for improved efficiency. Plus, the seamless Dynamics 365 Field Service and Teams integration means convenient access and collaboration for all. That means, you can enhance your productivity firsthand with this AI-driven work order creation capability with Copilot in Field Service. 

Get insights for technicians from Copilot 

General availability Apr 2024 

This Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 update for Dynamics 365 Field Service further enhances Copilot capability to reduce prolonged troubleshooting sessions. With Copilot for Field Service, your technicians soar to new heights of efficiency, boosting your first-time fix rate effortlessly! 

Copilot equips technicians with real-time insights, guiding them through tasks with precision. No more fumbling through manuals or scouring for instructions. It seamlessly integrates with Teams on mobile, offering instant support. From efficient work orders to effortless asset management, Copilot has you covered. What’s more, you can experience benefits like accelerated issue resolution, enhanced technician productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. 

See bookings in the agenda view in new mobile experience 

General availability Jul 2024 

Thanks to this update, you can now empower your technicians with the all-new Agenda View feature in our Field Service mobile app. Enable them to seamlessly navigate through scheduled bookings over several days, spanning 90 days into the past and future. Provide instantly access to vital details like customer names, booking statuses, and start times at a glance. 

In addition, enhance app usability with customisable columns tailored to your organisation’s needs. Take swift actions with intuitive swipe gestures and quick access shortcuts. And enjoy streamlined navigation with “Get Directions” functionality built right in. This upgrade Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile experience maximises your efficiency and minimises hassles for satisfactory service delivery. 


New and intuitive user experience for Field Service mobile  

General availability ul 2024 

With this update, you can boost your service technician efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time. By eliminating tedious manual processes, the new app experience streamlines workflows so that users can leverage an easy-to-use interface to access critical job info with unprecedented ease.  

From bookings to product details, it’s all at their fingertips. With intuitive swipe gestures, tasks are completed in a flash, saving time and boosting productivity. Plus, the updated app experience offers simplified navigation, touch-friendly controls, and embedded guides for foolproof instructions. Enable your frontline workers with an innovative mobile experience and elevate your service management with increased first-time fix rates and delighted customers. 


Offline sync settings for frontline workers 

General availability Apr 2024 

Leverage this feature update to empower your frontline workers with newfound autonomy over their offline experience through innovative sync settings. Allow them to seamlessly manage data usage and preserve device battery with these dynamic features. The two new feature settings in this update include: 

  • Customisable Sync Interval: Tailor sync frequency to individual requirements. Optimise efficiency by syncing as often or sparingly as needed or opt for manual sync-on-demand. 
  • Wi-Fi Exclusive Sync: Prioritise Wi-Fi connectivity for automatic syncing, conserving cellular data. Choose between cellular networks and Wi-Fi, or exclusively sync when connected to Wi-Fi. 

Experience enhanced productivity and resource management with Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app’s latest offline sync settings. Not to forget – elevate your operational efficiency while preserving resources for what truly matters. 

Microsoft 2024 Release Wave 1 Foe Dynamics 365 Field Service offline sync settings

Integrate Field Service with Business Central 

General availability Apr 2024 

Service organisations thrive on efficient coordination between finances, inventory, and service delivery. With every work order comes a cascade of financial transactions, from costs to revenues. Enter Dynamics 365 Business Central and Field Service integration—a game-changing update from Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 updates for Dynamics 365 Field Service. 

This integration simplifies the entire service management process. You can seamlessly create, manage, and track work orders in Field Service, then effortlessly transfer data to Business Central. Enjoy streamlined invoicing, accurate billing, and enhanced financial management. Forget the challenges of manual data entry and embrace improved efficiency and decision-making. You can experience a unified workflow that saves time, reduces errors, and elevates customer satisfaction, thanks to efficiency gains from this integration. 

What’s Next? 

As a Dynamics 365 Field Service user, you’re likely excited about leveraging the latest Microsoft 2024 first release updates to the fullest. But if you’re new to D365 Field Service, you might be curious about how to maximise this innovative service solution. Don’t worry, because Dogma’s experts are here to help! As your trusted advisors, we’ll guide you through the Dynamics 365 Field Service deployment process and identify the features that align best with your business requirements. 


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