Dynamics 365 Human Resources
Dynamics 365 Human Resources

4 Unmissable Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR features from 2021 Latest Release

September 30, 2021

For the 2021 Dynamics 365 second release, Dynamics 365 HR  continues to enhance Benefits management capabilities (medical and dental coverage, adoption assistance, recreation programs, clothing allowances, and moreby investing in a simplified user experience. With the new update, your employees can also submit, edit, and cancel their existing leave requests using the Teams app. What’s more? Microsoft is bringing Dynamics 365 Human Resources into the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations family of apps (which is a significant infrastructure change). 

These new features will be released from October 2021 through March 2022. 

Check out these 4 top upcoming Dynamics 365 HR features from the latest release. 

1. Microsoft is bringing Dynamics 365 Human Resources into the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations family of apps 

There are two sets of human resources capabilities within Dynamics 365. One set is in the standalone Human Resources application, which uses a different infrastructure than Finance & Operations apps. The other set of capabilities is in the legacy HR module in Dynamics 365 Finance. This confuses customers and partners about which set of capabilities to use.  

From January 2022, the Dynamics 365 Human Resource app will be merged back into Finance & Operations, eliminating confusion among users on which set of capabilities to use, and better plan and manage how you deploy, update, and integrate Human Resources. 

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Users will have “best-of-both-worlds” with a single set of human resources capabilities within Dynamics 365. The HR capabilities and investments will be available within Finance which will include Leave and absence managementBenefits management, and Task management.


2. ‘Benefits Management’ enhancements: Get simplified UX 

Another major feature on our watch-list is Benefits management capabilities enhancement by investing in a simplified setup and configured user experience. Previously, benefits management was carried out on an employee-by-employee basis, which was time-consuming and redundant. Now, benefits administrators get a simplified user experience where they get bulk editing capabilities. 

With the new inquiry view, benefits administrators will be able to: 

  • Quickly select and confirm the selection of all employee benefit enrollments 
  • Look at different data pivots based on plan types, employee types, and plan bundles, and do bulk selections based on those pivots 


3. Better manage ‘employee sick leave’ 

With this update, you also get enhancements in manager’s ability to view more details about leave balances of their direct reports and have better visibility of the team and company calendarThis will enable organisations to manage employee sick leave and meet company and regulatory policies. They can thus easily measure and monitor leave balances and usage for your employee’s leave plans. 

Sick leave management will include the following capabilities: Open-ended sick leave requests, Return-to-work notices, Sick leave reporting, and Management and approval of sick leave requests. 


4. Improved integrations and extensibility options with Finance & Operations and Power Platform 

A core focus for Dynamics 365 HR is ensuring customers with the ability to extend and expand application functionality through integrations and customisations with other modules. With this new release, you get new integrations and features that streamline custom integrations through Microsoft Dataverse, allowing customers to have the same extensibility options in HR that they currently have in all other Finance & Operations apps, which enables companies to:  

  • Utilise the applications available as part of Finance & Operations cross-app capabilities  
  • Continue using Microsoft Power Platform tools to extend when needed

What’s Next?  

What did you think of the new HR update? Let us know which feature(s) you are excited about getting your hands on.   

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