FE CRM Solution

August 11, 2016

Not just for business – how CRM is creating new opportunities within further education.

If you work in further education, you could be excused for thinking that customer relationship management systems (CRM) are just for businesses. However, replace ‘customer’ for ‘student’ then suddenly, CRM becomes hugely relevant and presents a wealth of untapped opportunities for FE institutions.

Imagine a scenario where you could engage with prospective students, build a profile of them and then automatically follow-up with timely and relevant communications based upon their interests and behaviours. Wouldn’t it then be great if once students enrolled, you could continue capturing information at each stage of their journey through the college, such as; their attainment levels, learning styles and communication preferences in order to provide personalised learning and work experience to improve learning outcomes? And, what if once the students had left the college, you could continue to stay in touch and connect them with further training and opportunities relevant to their careers?

Well, just as businesses use CRM to manage all of their stakeholders, FE institutions can use CRM to provide 360° student lifecycle management to; increase enrolment, improve student experiences and nurture relationships with alumni as well as industry in order to open up new sources of revenue.

SeeLogic has developed both complete and integrated CRM solutions to help colleges make the most of their relationships.

Solution overview:

  • An intelligent marketing platform allowing communications to be automatically be sent based on a variety of triggers
  • A single depository for student information, allowing different departments to share knowledge – increasing efficiencies and providing valuable insight to help provide a better quality service
  • A recruitment portal allowing employers to source relevant students based on their chosen study areas and experience
  • An alumni portal to allow past students to stay in touch and find out about further study opportunities
  • An online facility booking portal, allowing colleges to book out unused facilities such as’ lecture theatres, gyms and halls to businesses and the public when not in use to generate new sources of revenue

“By implementing CRM we were able to gain more apprenticeship opportunities by connecting with more alumni and understanding what companies need and what opportunities are available by analysing the data to a greater level of segmentation and detail.”

Tim Keighley, Executive Director of Business Development – Aylesbury College

How our FE CRM solution can help your institution

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