Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2021 Second Release

It has become crucial for businesses to provide a more personalisedquicker, human, authentic and one-on-one customer service to improve customer engagement and relationships. This year’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2021 second wave offers advanced capabilities with key features such as enable customers to be up and running quicklycentralised all in one contact centerimprove knowledge authoring and management and transform contact center routing. 

Here is our rundown to the top 5 latest features and updates for D365 customer service you can look forward to. 

1.Bring your own data to the timeline

 One of the interesting updates on customer service for this release is the ability to bring your own data to the timeline. Agents use the timeline to keep track of all the activities including appointments, notes, emails, cases, accounts, tasks and more. With this new enhancement, agents can now import the data from outside their instance and easily access it within the timeline via a new virtual data model. Agents will get a get that comprehensive 360° view of their data, and ongoing activities throughout their organisations and make data-driven decisions 


2. Microsoft Teams Integration 

With the new embedded Microsoft Teams in the customer service module, agents can now easily communicate with anyone in the organisation to boost their productivity and work efficiency. This new feature allows users to chat with contacts within Dynamics 365, link and unlink chats to case records, access recent and linked chats, access AI-powered suggestions for key contacts based on agents’ records resolving similar cases and see profiles and availability of their chat participants. 



 3. Find the right solutions quickly with AI integrated knowledge article search  

Agents utilise knowledge resources to address client problems and respond consistently. Searching the right knowledge articles and identical client cases leveraging AI and machine learning in multiple languages helps agents discover the best fit solutions quickly, enhances the productivity of agents and offers improved and efficient customer support.  

AI based knowledge article search


4. Routing diagnostics and improved historical analytics 

For 2021 second release, Microsoft is introducing routing diagnostics for supervisors and improved historical analytics for unified routing scenarios. This helps direct incoming customer queries or requests to the best-suited agent. With embedded historical analytics, businesses can utilise the history and overview of the routing performance of different channels and optimise their routing strategies. Furthermore, the routing diagnostics for supervisors will be super helpful for supervisors in understanding the logic in routing which was previously limited only for administrators.  


 5. Newly integrated omnichannel voice  

The newly integrated omnichannel voice includes: 

Call recording – using which agents can start, pause and resume recordings that will be stored in Dynamics 365  

Call intelligence – with call transcription and sentiment analysis to provide additional insights from each recording. 

Direct outbound calling – Agents can initiate the outbound calls using click-to-call directly from phone number fields in cases, customer profiles, call back activities and more, without the need for third-party voice integration.  

Intelligent voice bot – The advanced power virtual agents and the Microsoft Bot Framework will enable intelligent voice bots which allow hand-off to human agents with conversation history. 

Supervisor monitoring – While monitoring phone calls, supervisors will be able to review in-progress call transcripts and listen anonymously as a hidden participant or join the call if appropriate. 



 6. Enhanced agent experiences and productivity

The newly enhanced inbox view will enable agents for a more intuitive navigation of cases and conversations. Microsoft will also be introducing IoT alerts features using which agents can manage appointments with efficient scheduling. The app side pane extension will also improve the capability of productivity tools via agent scripts and macros.  

What’s Next?  

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