Understanding Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Insights

June 12, 2017

Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights

Relationship Insights is a brand new, out the box feature powered by machine learning to provide even more insight into your customers.

Information on another exciting update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been released, here at SeeLogic we believe this will revolutionise the way you manage your business relationships.

Relationship Insights saves you having to spend time and money building reports, analysing data or custom development to better understand your customers. Relationship Insights constantly analyses the data loaded onto D365 and provides timely, actionable ‘next best suggestions ‘based upon sentiments, contact frequency, time spent with customers and number of emails exchanged.

This new feature includes four sub features, which all work together to give you a wide breadth of insights throughout the customer lifecycle.

Relationship Assistant

The relationship assistant is constantly working behind the scenes, monitoring your activities, data records, plans and customer communications. Using this data, relationship assistant can provide insights which enable you to prioritise daily tasks. These insights will also indicate any adjustments needed to ensure effective customer communication going forwards.

Email Engagement

Using data collected by the relationship assistant, email engagement can recommend email templates based on previous open and reply rates. This feature not only helps you generate more effective emails, it will also show how your contacts interact with them. Using this data, you can prioritise the projects/customers that are most engaged.

Relationship Analytics

This feature helps you monitor the health of your relationships in D365. Using the open opportunities dashboard, D365 will show whether the relationship is in good, fair or poor health. This function uses data collected by the relationship assistant to provide you accurate and actionable insights into your customers. With this data, you can use the relationships insights bubble chart to prioritise at risk customers.

Auto Capture

With this new update, Dynamics 365 can now analyse your inbox on Microsoft Exchange. The system searches for messages to or from relevant email addresses, it will then present those messages in Dynamics 365. Each message will remain private unless converted to a tracked mail, tracked emails are visible to the rest of your team in D365.
Keep checking the Microsoft Dynamics road map, to find out when this amazing new feature will be available to you.

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