Salesforce Winter 2022 Release

It’s that time of the year again! The Salesforce Winter 2022 Release preview is finally here. The features are all set to roll out starting October and the new enhancements are here to serve better experiences and enhanced usability for sales agents like you! As we know these release plans can be a lot to take in at once. So, as your trusted advisors, our team of Salesforce experts has summarised some noteworthy updates across the different clouds to help you maximise your Salesforce ROI. Click below to jump to the relevant sections. Let’s dive in!

1. Sales Cloud:

  • AI-powered PipeLine Inspection:
    Pipeline Inspection now uses the new AI-powered Einstein Deal Insights to see which opportunities are least likely to close by giving prompt messages to sales managers whether or not they are likely to win the opportunity in a month.

sales cloud
Note: Available with the purchase of Sales Cloud UE

  • Gain more insights into your sales deal: The new Einstein Conversation Insights assists sales personnel to align/match conversation records from phone and video calls to the corresponding opportunity giving them a clear picture of the context behind every deal.

2. Service Cloud:

  • Customer Service Incident Management: With customer service incident management, agents can now deliver better customer experiences with everyone having a full visibility into the incident, case, and customer data, allowing service agents to classify and prioritise work seamlessly.

service cloud
Note: Available with the purchase of Service Cloud UE/EE service cloud

  • Self-Service Scheduling: This feature empowers agents to create, reschedule, cancel, and confirm appointments through digital channels to reduce call volumes, balance agent workload, and avoid no-shows.


Note: Available with the purchase of SFS EE/UE + Appointment Assistant. self-service

  • Service Cloud Voice: With the new prescriptive setup experience, agents can now set up Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony. This includes templates and menus to create their contact center and sync it with the telephony provider. They can now find any info they need with global search for voice calls, faster search for agent-to-agent transfers, and customised screen pops of related records.

service cloud

3. Marketing & Loyalty Cloud:

  • Salesforce CDP (Customer Data Platform) Enhancements:
    The enhancements in CDP offer a single source of truth by unifying and resolving customer data into a unified profile. Agents can harmonise the same data, group customer profiles into rich segments using first, second, and third-party data, intelligently engage with customers, empowering them to deliver new levels of personalisation.

Salesforce CDP

Note: Available with the purchase of All Salesforce CDP Editions

  • New Upgrade to Datorama Reports
    This an upgrade to Datorama Reports, using which agents can customise and create dashboards that meet the end users’ needs, create and refine key performance indicators (KPIs), and create more fields and attributes using Datorama’s 100+ functions.

Upgrade to Datorama Reports

Note: Available with the purchase of corporate or enterprise Marketing Cloud Edition or Discover add-on SKU (for Pro customers)

  • Ability to join Google Analytics data with Marketing Cloud:
    Agents can now easily sync Google Analytics data with Marketing Cloud and get access to more robust conversion data for mobile, email, and web. All thanks to Journey Builder Enhancements for Google Analytics!
  • Pardot landing pages using a drag-and-drop editor:
    To those who use Pardot Lightning App, they can now build beautiful landing pages within minutes. The landing page builder becomes available when you enable the new Pardot content experience and Salesforce CMS integration.

Note: Available with the purchase of Pardot Lightning App with Plus Edition and above in combination with Salesforce Professional Edition*

  • Protecting businesses from point liability and fraud:
    The new enhancement in Loyalty allows agents to store member points in a Points Escrow Account for the duration of a purchase return period. The member points are kept in escrow for a specific time until the transaction is completed. It gets automatically released when a transaction’s escrow period ends. It further makes tracking a member’s escrow points easy under the loyalty program member records. You can now ignore the escrow period while crediting points to members for transactions. For example, you can override the escrow period and credit points to members for orders that do not have a return period.

Loyalty Program


4. Commerce Cloud:

More personalised commerce experiences for agents: With out-of-the-box, native data integration into Salesforce CDP, Salesforce CDP for Commerce gives companies a complete, unified view of first-party customer data across every touchpoint- providing a single source of truth and the ability to use commerce data in cross-channel marketing.

Commerce Cloud
Note: Available as a packaged add-on offering to Marketing Cloud license or intend to license the Corporate or Enterprise Edition of Marketing Cloud.

  • More flexibility to customers with B2B Order Management:
    Salesforce Order Management for B2B gives buyers a transparent view and control over their orders — with self-service fulfillment tracking, cancellations, order modifications, and invoice visibility pre-integrated.
    Synchronisation for Marketing Cloud: Salesforce’s new Horizontal Digital CMS sync for Marketing feature empowers sales agents to quickly bring in images and content directly from Salesforce CMS, keeping it updated in real time and easily accessible.
  • New ability to import all insights from Commerce to Tableau without coding: With Tableau Connector for B2C Commerce, enable merchants to import and access all their insights from their Commerce Cloud instance in Tableau — without code. Merchants can leverage Tableau to customise their dashboard, building a data visualization strategy with e-commerce insights to drive diverse types of analysis.



5. Platform – Applications and Services

  • Salesforce Surveys: With the new survey collaboration, agents can now allow multiple users to work together on a single survey, and easily share the result with a wider audience.
  • Salesforce Customer Identity-Plus:
    This feature enables maximum performance, and scalability for companies looking to accelerate their digital transformation strategies that also need B2C scaling. It provides pro-code options that offer the flexibility developers need to seamlessly integrate an identity layer into existing applications. Note: Available with the purchase of Enterprise Performance, Developer, and Unlimited editions.
  • AI-enabled Security Center:
    The new Security Center Enhancements utilises AI and machine learning to identify unknown threats quickly across your multi-org Salesforce environment. New alerting capabilities allow IT admins to set up security policies to automatically trigger alerts for proactive threat identification, without needing to log into the Security Center app.

edit alert

  • Higher-Level Data Protection
    The Einstein Data detects leverages pattern matching to discover and protect customers’ sensitive data with maximum security. It gives agents the necessary protocols to categorise, and protect their data. Note: Available with the purchase of Shield (bundle only).
    Create and extend intelligent workflows
    Under the new Salesforce flow enhancements agents can get better visual debugging, async support, list views, sub-flows outbound messages and get the best user experience without having to code.

Note: Available with the purchase of All editions


6. Experience Cloud

  • Build your own event and landing pages on the go:
    Microsites (which is a collection of one or more landing pages hosted in your account) will now allow agents to build landing pages, event pages, blogs, promotional pages, and more with ease using the out-of-the-box templates on Lightning Web Runtime (LWR). They can submit this data to Salesforce Leads or directly to Marketing Cloud.

build landing pages

Note: Available with the purchase of CMS Unlimited SKU

  • Update and deploy Experience Builder sites
    Mobile Publisher Enhancements enable developers to programmatically configure and deploy changes to their bottom tab bar in Experience Bundle. Furthermore, URL Management lets developers configure how URLs open in the Experience Cloud app- either they open inside the Experience Cloud as a web view, or using an in-app browser, or open outside the app using the default external browser.

7. Apps- Lightning Experience

Salesforce mobile app enhancements
It offers an out-of-the-box landing page for the Salesforce mobile app, that agents can personalise with the data based on priorities.
How to enable Mobile Home?
Mobile Home is a standard navigation item that can be added to any Lightning app.

  • From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter App Manager, and then select App Manager.
  • Click the arrow next to the Lightning app you would like to change and select Edit. Then click Navigation Items.
  • Find Mobile Home in the left column and add it to the right column.
  • Add it as the first tab so that you can see it when you open the app.

enable mobile app


8. Learning

  • Ask questions and share knowledge with Trailblazer Community Enhancements:
    Agents can now say hello to any Trailblazers from anywhere around the world with the new Trailblazer Community. This will be a game-changer for them as it will serve as an interconnected network of learners and innovators who use Salesforce to build successful careers, companies, and communities.

Trailblazer Community Enhancements

 What’s Next?

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