In the Spring release of Salesforce Sales Cloud in 2024, several exciting features have been introduced to enhance the sales experience and drive success for businesses. Let’s take a closer look at each of these top features: 

1. Score Sales Success with Enhanced Seller Home 

Experience a new level of productivity with the new Seller Home. Seller Home provides sales teams with a comprehensive overview of their business, helping them start each day with productivity. It offers a consolidated view of opportunities, accounts, leads, and contacts, along with a personalised daily agenda. Your sales teams can now easily set and track goals, access to-do items, review recent records, and even receive intelligent contact suggestions from Einstein. The new Seller Home maximises efficiency and keeps your sales reps ahead of the curve. 

2. Gain Insightful Visibility into Lead and Account Engagement 

The updated Lead and Account Intelligence View empowers your sales with insightful visibility into lead and account engagement. With Lead and Account Intelligence Views, your sales reps can quickly assess engagement levels and gain actionable insights. They can identify leads and contacts that require attention by leveraging engagement metrics such as case insights, email interactions, and Einstein Conversation Insights. Moreover, the Account Intelligence View consolidates account activity, opportunity metrics, cases, and activities in a single interface, offering a holistic perspective for better decision-making. No more hassling between multiple records and usher in a productive era with comprehensive insights at your fingertips. 

3. Leverage Sales Cloud Einstein for Intelligent Sales Operations 

Sales Cloud Einstein is a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline sales operations and drive revenue growth. From generating personalised sales emails using generative AI to identifying risky deals in your sales forecast, Sales Cloud Einstein offers a suite of innovative features, including customisable email templates, localised email content generation, and proactive forecast guidance. Additionally, accelerate productivity with Sales Summaries in Einstein Copilot Beta, providing quick, concise AI-generated summaries of crucial sales records. Your sales teams can fully unlock the potential of their sales strategy with these intelligent capabilities. 

4. Unlock Invaluable Insights with Einstein Conversation Insights 

Empower your team with Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI), allowing them to glean valuable information from voice and video call records. With Einstein Conversation Insights, your sales reps can ask questions directly from call recordings and gain insights into product mentions, deal risks, and customer queries using the power of generative AI. ECI also supports multiple languages and is compatible with various video providers, offering a comprehensive solution for analysing and optimising sales calls. 

5. Enhance Revenue Insights

The Spring release introduces a revamped Revenue Insights setup, offering a more intuitive interface, simplified workflows, and enhanced error messages. With this update, managing your apps and associated tasks becomes streamlined, as you can now access all functions from a single location. Whether it’s installing apps, viewing logs, or troubleshooting errors, this updated setup ensures a seamless and efficient experience for your business using Revenue Insights. 

6. Streamline Forecasting with Forecast Groups and Chart Enhancements 

The Forecast Groups update has streamlined the forecasting process, allowing you to tailor your business forecasts based on specific segments relevant to your business, such as industries or sales types. This added flexibility enables your forecast managers to gain deeper insights and predict future sales more accurately. Additionally, gain comprehensive insights into forecast health with Forecast Chart Enhancements, featuring visualisations by product family or other forecast groups. Simplified chart type switching and updated data summary tables further enhance usability, facilitating more informed forecasting decisions.

7. Get Deeper into Pipeline Analysis with Stage Conversion 

Delve deep into pipeline analysis by exploring the progression of deals through different stages. The Stage Conversion analysis on the Sales Stage Analysis dashboard provides valuable insights such as the progression percentage beyond each stage over different time periods. It also offers clarity on the progression to closure from specific stages within the same timeframe. By providing comprehensive pipeline analysis capabilities, Stage Conversion empowers your sales teams with the information they need for informed decision-making and strategic planning. 

To Note 

1. Retirement of Social Accounts, Contacts, and Leads: Social Accounts, Contacts, and Leads feature has been retired. It is advised that you find alternative apps on AppExchange for accessing social profiles. 

2. New Order Save Behaviour Enabled: Enabling New Order Save Behaviour triggers custom application logic whenever an order product update affects the parent order, addressing previous evaluation issues. 

3. Salesforce for Outlook Retirement: Salesforce for Outlook will be fully retired in June 2024. You are encouraged to migrate to Outlook integration and Einstein Activity Capture for enhanced capabilities and continued support.  

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