Author: Rajat Acharya

Salesforce has unveiled its Winter ’20 Release plan, with updates scheduled to roll out globally from October 14, 2019. AI is both the highlight and the driving force of Service Cloud’s advanced new features, as Einstein is enabling you to handle cases faster and better with the power of AI.

Smarter case assignments, bot-powered knowledge articles and omni-channel customer support are some of the exciting features to look out for.  

1. Einstein Case Routing: Use AI Prediction to Reduce Errors with Right People Looking After Right Cases 

Save time and deliver excellent results with more control over the accuracy and speed of case handling. By having the right agents look after the right cases, you can reduce errors while speeding up the process. With Einstein’s AI prediction feature, you can automatically apply predicted values to custom fields in cases, making it easier for your agents.  

Einstein Case Routing

2. Improve Field Service Appointments with Smarter Resource Scheduling  

Facilitate faster, smarter workflow by assigning tasks to the ideal project service resource. Through the Extended Match Work Rules, you can schedule service appointments to your resources based on territory, skill level, and more. For e.g. if your agent working remotely supports a specific post code, you can assign tasks convenient to them within their area.  

With the new Mobile Time Sheets feature, workers can also easily log their working hours on their mobile devices and view the status of their entries at any time. 

Moreover, the Health Check functionality identifies problem areas in your Field Service configuration and provides on-the-spot recommendations about best practices.  

3. Deliver Fast, Accurate Answers to Customers with Easy-to-Access Knowledge Articles  

Answer customers’ queries in a flash with the ease of search and access to knowledge articles. You can also share articles across chat, messaging, and social posts for greater reach.  

Find all the articles – drafts, archived, or published ones – conveniently in one place with list views option. You can use the rich text editor to full advantage in creating visually appealing content that’s relevant to the customer with added HTML style choices. 

Knowledge Articles

4. Deploy NLP-powered Einstein Bots to Better Understand and Resolve Customer Inquiries 

With a single click, you can receive knowledge articles most likely to address customer questions. Understand and quickly resolve customer cases using recommended knowledge articles right at your fingertips. Einstein bots, now integrated with Natural Language Processors (NLPs), have become smarter in terms of understanding customer sentiments and queries.  

Connect NLPs to Einstein Bots
Connect NLPs to Einstein Bots

5. Provide Excellent Support and Experience through Advanced Email, Chat, and Messaging  

Improvements in Chat, Messaging, and Email will help you increase the productivity of your agents. Enjoy a much more responsive emailing experience with collapsible email threads, interactive templates, and easy access to contact lookup.  

Offer better availability and flexibility for the customer accessing your customer service through multiple channel support. You can now start customer conversations via newly added WeChat and WhatsApp support and right away from contact detail pages as well.  

If you want to know more, here is some helpful resource provided by Salesforce about its Service Cloud.

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