Salesforce spring 2023 release

Salesforce is releasing its Spring ‘23 updates from December 15, 2022, to February 11, 2023, and these are all the key dates for you to mark on your calendar.   

The Salesforce Spring ‘23 Sandbox Preview window is fast approaching.  

As your trusted advisor, we stay on top of all new Salesforce updates and releases to help you benefit from the platform’s latest improvements. So, it’s only customary for us to remind you about the key dates for the Spring ‘23 Sandbox Preview so you can better prepare for this major upgrade. 

So, ready to mark your dates?

December 15: Sign up for a pre-release environment 

This is when you sign up for a pre-release environment to test new features and pick the right ones for you. If you need help determining which features best suits your needs, join the Trailblazer Community Treasure Hunt to discover what everyone else think. You can sign up for the prerelease environment here

December 21: Preview release notes are available 

Take a moment to go through the release notes on this date thoroughly. Jump into the sections related to your existing Salesforce solution and modules using the display filters. 

January 5: Sandbox cut-off date 

Get early access to new features in your sandbox environment and test configurations before the final release. For detailed information, refer to these sandbox preview instructions. 

January 6 and 7: Sandboxes upgraded  

If you’re already using sandbox preview, the sandboxes you chose get upgraded on these days to Spring ‘23. You can now test the new capabilities and upgrades outside your live production environment. 

January 6: Spring ‘23 release site goes live 

This is when you get access to the release site. Check the Release Highlights module on Trailhead to quickly explore all the new features with demo videos and community forums. 

January 13: First release weekend 

On this date, Salesforce and a handful of customers get the upgrades. When you’re ready for yours, get the content from the Release Readiness Trailblazers group to help your users explore the new features you picked. 

January 20 to 27: Release readiness live  

This is an important day! Discover Salesforce admins and developers demo the new features in real-time and get an overview of the 2023 roadmap. Go to the Release Readiness Trailblazers group for complete details. 

February 3: Second release weekend  

Upgrade your second set of instances over this weekend; it should only take five minutes. Salesforce Trust page contains the latest information on the timings. 

February 10 and 11: Final release weekend  

Upgrade the rest of your instances over these weekends. Even if you stayed out of the sandbox preview, you would get the upgrades over these two days.


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