New updates! Enhanced functionalities! It’s nearly time for the Salesforce Summer 2024 Release.  

But how do you harness this potential? This expert guide from Dogma Group unveils the secrets to navigating these new updates that the Salesforce Summer 2024 Release brings. 

Here are the key dates that you should mark in your calendar for Salesforce Summer 2024 Release: 


April 16: Be Release Ready with Summer ’24 features 

After April 16, Salesforce has started posting insightful blogs on its Admin Blog, covering all the enhancement, Public Group Summary, User Access Summary, and additional news. 

As Salesforce releases more blogs and resources, updates to the Be Release Ready page will provide you with all the necessary information for navigating the Salesforce Summer 2024 Release effectively. 

April 18: Get early access by signing up for a pre-release org 

Get a sneak peek at the exciting new features coming in Summer ’24 with pre-release Developer Edition environments.  

Starting with Summer ’24, the Customer Pre-Release Program will be hosted on Hyperforce, a powerful cloud platform. This means any new orgs that sign up after 18 April 2024, will be automatically created on Hyperforce. Don’t worry if you have an existing pre-release org, you will seamlessly migrate to Hyperforce by 30 June 2024. 

April 24: Review the Release Notes 

Head over to the Release Notes section of Salesforce Help to discover what exciting updates are coming to the Salesforce products. These notes are available as of 24 April 2024. 

Want community help? The Release Readiness Trailblazer Community Group is your one-stop shop! It’s a great place to connect, share your favourite features, and ask any burning questions you might have. 

May 9 before 5 p.m. PT: Be sure to refresh your Sandbox 

Before the new release, test the new features in sandbox to see how they impact your customisations. Use the Salesforce Sandbox Preview Guide to specify if your sandbox stays on the non-preview or moves to preview. Refresh your sandbox subsequently. 

Sandbox Search Salesforce Summer '24 Release
Sandbox Options Salesforce Summer '24 Release

If your sandbox isn’t scheduled for the preview update, pick your option and refresh before 5 p.m. Pacific Time on 9 May 2024 to secure early access to the full array of Summer ’24 features in one of your sandboxes. Check out this Help Article to ensure you don’t miss out. 

May 10: Sandbox preview begins 

Review your sandbox instance on Trust to determine your sandbox upgrade timeframe. Similar to the pre-release org, the sandbox preview allows you to assess new features alongside your customisations without impacting your live environment. 

May 29-31: Release Readiness Live 

Learn firsthand from the product managers unveiling the most significant features in the Summer ’24 release by joining Release Readiness Live! With six shows covering Sales, Service, CRM Analytics, Flow, and Admin and Developer Previews, spread across three days, you’ll witness live demonstrations and engaging discussions addressing your queries – all live – related to the Salesforce Summer 2024 updates. Tune in on Salesforce+  to catch the action. 

May 17, June 7, June 14: Summer ’24 arrives! 

Refer to the Maintenance Calendar for the precise timing of when your Salesforce org will receive the Summer ’24 features. Review the list and cross-reference your Salesforce instance with the release dates provided in the calendar. Gain access to the latest features in your production environment once the release window for your environment has elapsed. 

More resources 

Visit the Be Release Ready page to access all the resources necessary to prepare your organisation and users for the Summer ’24 release. 

Ready to leverage the Salesforce Summer 2024 Release? 

Navigating these Salesforce Summer 2024 updates can be tricky. That’s where Dogma comes in! Reach out to our Salesforce experts to translate these Salesforce ‘24 release updates into quantifiable business benefits with tailored consultation and technology advice. 


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