Thinking about implementing business technologies like CRM, ERP or HRM but need guidance on how to go about it?

Selecting the right technology for your company can be quite baffling. With so many options available, each with a distinct array of features, no wonder it is puzzling to identify the right business solution that drives sustainable change and assures user adoption.

Regardless of how advanced the technology is, you still need to ensure it best fits your business needs and priorities. So, implementing a solution without proper research and consultation is akin to shooting an arrow in the dark.

To help you further understand the intricacies of technological projects, we’ve compiled case studies from four different businesses that have successfully introduced new technologies and addressed business issues with proper consultation and successful implementation.

Some of these companies are new, while others are well-established; some needed help from experts to improve forecasts and automate purchasing procedures, others required a complete system health check; some wanted a strategy shift in their business process, and others needed a 360-degree picture of their clientele with optimised cross and up-selling prospects.

We will reveal their methods and explain why it worked for them. You’ll definitely find many helpful takeaways in these real-life examples no matter where you are or what business you are in.

Check out these four case studies on successful technology implementation:

#Case Study 1: Business Process Workshop for B2B Wholesale garment and accessory distributor

A renowned B2B wholesale garment and accessory provider felt the need for expert assistance to improve a list of key business processes and practices. Namely, they wanted to improve their forecasts, introduce better control over stock turns, total stock values, and automate their purchase order process. Their purchasing process was entirely manual, which had been impeding business forecasting and reporting requirements due to diluted versions of purchasing reports with little to no sales history.

As a trusted advisor who always prioritises the best-fit solution for the client, Dogma team understood that the client needed a thorough business process workshop (BPW) to identify the functional requirements for purchase order automation. This workshop assisted the client in understanding their “as is”, “could be”, and “to be” business processes considering the ultimate business requirement of increased operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and evolving the service offering using cutting-edge technology.

Furthermore, the BPW process helped them gain broader visibility into their present end-to-end processes, identify existing feature gaps in their user and customer experience that must be addressed by the new system, and choose the best fit technologies. It also enabled them to deliver optimised customer service, allowing for better stock and supply chain control.

technology implementation

#Case Study 2: System Health Check for strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner

How CRM health check service helps fine-tune your system for optimal performance

A world leading recruitment company experienced issues with their email performance. They were receiving bounced emails due to block-listed IP addresses. They noticed that they were using various technologies in silos after the assessment of their system, including Office 365, Mimecast, Marketo, Yello, and Salesforce, to name a few. A bad IP reputation had hurt their capacity to provide customer services by reducing the effectiveness of their communications.

So, they sought professional advice and Dogma came to their rescue. We proposed undertaking a system health check to understand how the current solution has been set up and customised. Sometimes this helps show the gaps in the original implementation and provides the best practice recommendations and quick wins so as to improve the system. We have saved clients thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours with this simple approach.


#Case Study 3 : ERP Implementation for a Local Authority Client

Our Local Authority client was wrestling daily with an old ERP. They needed to make a big strategic leap forward. But they knew they didn’t have the bandwidth internally, but, most critically, they had very limited awareness and understanding of the options in the tech space.

Dogma provided functional expertise to map the detail of their requirements across Finance, HR, and Procurement. This provided a vision and blueprint to make that real strategic change they always wanted. We provided great advice on the market options plus a clear understanding of the art of the possible. Finally, we helped the client develop both an internal business case and their procurement exercise to successfully go to market.


#Case Study 4: CRM Implementation

We began working with this BPO sector specialist in 2018. Their turnover was £50m. They want a 360-degree, one version of the truth for their client list to optimise cross selling and upselling.

Following a successful CRM implementation, they decided that this would become a standard operating model for all acquisitions. Dogma is now their long-term partner for this as they make 4 or 5 acquisitions each year.

In 2021, they made the strategic decision to do the same with their ERP applications, and again Dogma was their go-to trusted advisor for a successful transition. Working hand in hand with the client we were able to develop a tool to ensure this can be replicated quickly and cost effectively for each implementation.

Today our client has a turnover of over £300m.


All these case studies have a few things in common:

  1. Technology Automation
  2. Improved Customer Experience
  3. Centralised Data
  4. 360-degree views

The bottom line is that the goal of the right solution is to have centralised data and incorporate automated processes to prevent errors, lower costs, boost productivity, increase agility, and improve customer satisfaction for greater profitability and tremendous business growth. Furthermore, we can advise and implement technology that is most suitable for your company.

What’s Next?

As Microsoft Gold & Salesforce Elite partners, Dogma Group empowers a global network of 100+ companies. For over a decade, we have been solving diverse business challenges with our expert-led team of professional consultants and product-agnostic approach to implementing business technologies like, CRM, ERP, and similar systems.

There are proven principles and approaches based on successful projects that Dogma follows to help companies jumpstart their digital transformation journey. Many leading companies have been able to take their business to the next level by reinventing themselves with the help of our technology experts. We assist and advise you on integration and implementation of the best-fit solutions for your business.


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