To Create Full or Minimal Copy in Support Instance in Dynamics 365

May 6, 2019

Author: Sandesh Wagle 

Copy instance in the Dynamics 365 admin center allows you to copy the model-driven apps in Dynamics 365, such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service, and all data from any instance to a Sandbox instance. You can either do a full copy or a minimal copy. 

A full copy includes all application data, users, and customization from the source instance. Whereas, a Minimal copy only includes users, customization, and schema from the source instance. Only Global administrators can copy all available instances. 

Let’s get started with the Process of Creating Full or Minimal Copy in Support Instance in Dynamics 365. First type the URL given below into your browser. 


After opening the URL given above, Let’s start with the login process. 

After login the below dialog box will appear then Click on the Admin. Admin is only generated if you have Global Administrator user role in CRM else, you won’t get Admin after login into the portal. 

Then the below dialog box will open. Then click on the All Admin centers

Then Click on Microsoft Dynamics 365 as shown in figure below. 

Now a new window will appear and on that select on Production instance type and click on the copy as shown in figure below. 

Then follow the further procedure after clicking on the COPY. Choose the Full copy instance or Minimal copy instance whichever is required. After filling the form > click Copy as shown in the figure below. 

After clicking on Copy then the following dialogue box will appear as shown in figure below: 

In this blog, we tried to share our knowledge of Creating Full or Minimal Instance in Dynamics 365, hope this might help you in further during creating such instance.  

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