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I have to admit, when I first saw the title of this Badge I wasn’t overly excited. By the title, it looked like the badge covered a bunch of topics that I was already familiar with. However, by the time I finished it, I feel like this is one of the best badges on Trailhead!  

I came across this Badge, which is part of a larger Trail - Optimize Sales Features for Lightning Experience which itself is part of a much larger Trailmix - Build Your Consulting Career on Salesforce which I’m working through as part of my studies towards my Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification. 

Out with the old, in with the new 

Did you know that there are 2 different user interfaces for Salesforce? The old (and on the road to retirement) interface is called Salesforce Classic. The new (and current) interface is known as Lightning Experience.  
With Lightning, Salesforce has drastically improved the look and feel of the Salesforce experience as well as the possibilities available for customization and development.  

So why this Badge so great?  

The badge offers one of the best introductions to Salesforce that I’ve come across and focuses on the new and improved Lightning Experience.  
Split into 2 learning components, the badge gives us first and introduction into the features and functionality of Salesforce. The second learning section shows us some of the possibilities for customising the user interface and experience.  

Discover Sales Features for Lightning Experience 

Salesforce offers lots of ways to manage your sales process, from nurturing leads to managing deals on Lightning Experience. With so many features and functions it can be quite difficult to get a comprehensive and concise break down of what Salesforce offers. However, the first half this badge delivers it perfectly. In the form of the table which you can see above, there is a full break down and explanation of the various aspects of Salesforce. This makes it a must visit for anyone wanting to get a quick understanding of Salesforce’s features. You can see the introduction table here.  

Customize Features for Your Teams 

Lightning App Builder 

While the outbox functionality is great, customization is key to adoption. Being able to deliver what users need, in a way that is familiar and intuitive, is something that Salesforce strives provide.  

The Badge takes us on a practical assignment and introduction to customizing the user’s interface. From creating a new Home page for specific groups of users to editing the layout of records, we get to see (and do) the customization options that are readily available for Salesforce admins and developers.  
In conclusion:  

I really recommend the badge for anyone looking to improve their understanding of what Salesforce can offer as well as gaining an understanding of some of the interface customization that is available on the platform!  

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