How You Can Transform Work and Grow Your Business in the Age of AI with Microsoft 

July 31, 2023

AI-powered collaboration is not just a vision of the future—it is the reality of today. With Microsoft’s AI innovations, you can harness the potential of AI and revolutionise the way your businesses perform. By embracing the plan to transform into a smart workplace with AI at its core, businesses can not only adapt to the challenges of the digital age but also thrive, driving growth and success in the era of rapid innovations.   

In this blog, we explore various AI advancements highlighted during the Microsoft Inspire 2023 and how they will help transform your business. 

Empowering businesses with AI innovations

1. Accelerate Processes and Innovations with Power Platform and Copilot 

Power Platform, a complete low code platform with the power of Copilot and generative AI, presents an immense opportunity to drive innovation that delivers measurable ROI to your customers. The platform enables you to leverage your existing human capital and expertise to work more effectively and efficiently in combination with technology assets, like your CRM or ERP systems, cloud computing platforms, and more. On top of it, the newly added Process Mining will help analyse data from various legacy systems and create a visualisation of steps and actions of any organisation process. Now that you have Copilot assisting you in every solution, you can use its capabilities within Process mining to understand processes and gain insights to make better decisions, naturally enhancing your solutions strategy. 

AI Innovations in Process Mining

With AI-builders of the Power platform, you can implement AI models easily without coding. For example, you can easily create prompts for AI models to analyse purchase orders and summarise and organise information effectively. Needless to say, how most of these AI-generated solutions will save you more time that you can utilise to focus on accelerating innovations, building relationships and closing deals. Furthermore, the game-changing capabilities of Copilot bring generative AI as an assistant to citizen developers in building low- or no-code applications. A lateral benefit of empowering citizen developers is that it takes the pressure off your IT personnel to focus their efforts on accelerating application development. 

New AI capabilities

2. Enhance Business Operations with Azure for OpenAI (AOAI) 

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI is a milestone in accelerating the development and use of advanced AI technologies. Azure for OpenAI offers pre-trained models for natural language and image generation with customisation features. With this integration of OpenAI, you can create compelling visual content, understand and interpret customer sentiments from text data, and enhance customer interactions through speech-based applications. A distinguishing feature to note in Azure for OpenAI is the availability of built-in tools that address potential harmful use cases, which help ensure ethical and responsible AI use and mitigate risks associated with AI implementation.   

For instance, you can integrate Azure OpenAI to drive better business outcomes and customer experiences. Common use cases, such as content generation with any domain-specific data, summarising documents for efficient information discovery, code generation, and semantic search, are conveniently addressed, and you can approach various line of business (LoB) applications to build repeatable offers for your customers. This helps standardise workflows and optimise delivery processes and overall customer experience. 

Enhance business processes with Microsoft and AI innovations

3. Expand Customer Base with Microsoft Industry Solutions 

Microsoft’s AI innovation aims to enhance your market presence and attract more clients by leveraging Microsoft’s tailored offerings to meet diverse industry needs. Microsoft Industry Clouds are specialised versions of the horizontal Microsoft platform, combining Azure (cloud computing), Power Platform (low-code development), Microsoft 365 (collaboration and productivity tools), and Dynamics 365 (CRM and ERP) under a common data model.   

The purpose of Industry Clouds is to cater to the unique needs and challenges of specific industries, such as finance, retail, and more. By combining these specialised industry features and solutions with the power of the Microsoft platform, you can provide your customers with the benefit of an efficient and industry-specific digital transformation and innovation. In addition, Microsoft Fabric brings data from all these multiple systems in a single data lake that enables advanced analytics and machine learning. This also saves you from the complexities and the separate need to integrate numerous apps or data into your systems to gain collective insights.

AI innovations in Microsoft Industry Clouds

4. Transform Customer Experiences with AI and Dynamics 365 Copilot 

Leverage Sales Copilot to transform work and business

The significant opportunities to innovate with AI and Dynamics 365 will transform customer experiences while bringing new value to every business. Dynamics 365 Copilot, the world’s first building AI Copilot for CRM and ERP, provides interactive AI-powered assistance for employees across business functions. Now, Microsoft Sales Copilot, the upgrade of Microsoft Viva Sales, empowers sales to boost productivity and personalise every customer interaction to close more deals. It enables sales teams to automate time-consuming tasks, generate personalised email responses, and update customer records seamlessly in Outlook, Teams, or Dynamics 365 Sales. 

Sales copilot transforming your work
Sales copilot transforming your work1

Additionally, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are unified into a single solution, offering customer journey orchestration, real-time marketing, and customer insights all in one platform. You can now take advantage of the new AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move) for the future with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which helps customers migrate from on-premises to the Cloud to adopt AI-powered technologies. 

AIM to transform your business with Microsoft

5. Foster Smart Collaboration with AI-powered Teams Collective 

The modern workplace is characterised by fast-paced environments, constant connectivity, and a growing need for streamlined communication. AI-powered solutions like Teams Room, Teams Premium, and Teams Phone are designed to empower individuals, teams, and organisations to thrive in the digital age. These integrated tools go beyond traditional collaboration platforms, offering seamless connections across devices, intelligent productivity, rich engagement, flexible workspaces, and advanced protection—all essential elements for a smart workplace. By automating mundane tasks, AI frees employees to focus on meaningful work. And AI-driven insights enable organisations to make data-informed decisions, facilitating smarter collaborations and strategic engagements.  

Additionally, with AI-driven features, such as intelligent meeting recaps, end-to-end encryption, and improved webinar experience, organisations can enhance productivity and enrich the meeting experience. For instance, creating real-time captions and offering interactive elements like polls and Q&A sessions for webinars. You can even get insights to help analyse attendee engagement and behaviour to deliver more impactful presentations in future sessions.

A smart workplace that adapts to the age of AI

The Path Ahead: Embracing AI-Driven Collaboration 

Moving forward, AI-driven collaboration tools will play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the workplace landscape. Moreover, Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI practices and providing resources to support your AI journey encourages leveraging AI for strategic growth opportunities. 

Reach out to Dogma’s experts to learn more about how you can leverage these cutting-edge tools to build more efficient, productive, and future-ready workplaces. Discover more about the Microsoft Inspire 2023 highlights on our Blogs. And stay tuned for more!