Implementing a CRM Solution is not an easy task, however, knowing what is involved in a CRM Project can reduce time, money and failures. 

Dynamics 365 Consulting 

With over 15 years in the CRM Business rest assured that SeeLogic Team can help you get the most out of a CRM system using a category of integrated data-driven solutions that increase profitability in your sales and marketing division without unnecessary customisation. 

With skills and expertise, our Team can turn Dynamics 365 into a full user adopted system by taking away all your business challenges such as sales and marketing automation, customer base management or complex performance reports. 

Dynamics 365 Configuration 

For Dynamics CRM to work efficiently, it needs to be designed and configured to satisfy the business needs which is why SeeLogic provides you with flexible solutions that manage your business processes and sales team while making room to accommodate your ever-increasing customer base  

Our team of professionals have a profound knowledge of the in-depth capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our team provides resourceful methods to configure and configure all your functionalities in whatever your CRM is programmed to do be it data migration of your infrastructure, digitalising your business processes or generating a branded Microsoft Web Portal. Our goal is to help you maximise the capabilities of Dynamics CRM system effectively 

We only make use of code-based customisation when it is necessary. This ensures that you’re provided with the most affordable Dynamics CRM solution that can be safely upgraded for future proof. 

Dynamics 365 Implementation 

Here at SeeLogic, we provide you with full implementation process as well as role-based user training for the adoption process. Our tailored user training suits your business purposes. You could complete the entire implementation process at once or gradually delivered in phases depending on your choice or preference. 

With our CRM Guru Director in the CRM Business for over 15 years, we can assure you that you’ll be getting the best CRM system to suit every of your business needs. 

Dynamics 365 Integration 

Maintaining customer relationships as well as the effectiveness of a sales management always requires synchronising between Dynamics 365 and other enterprise applications for examples 

  • ERP system to track invoices and payments 
  • A Marketing solution to gain customer insights 
  • An online portal for the customers 
  • Mobile Integration with Microsoft PowerApps 
  • Customer details validation system to provide accurate information of customers 
  • A website to capture Lead data automatically sync into Dynamics CRM 

With over 100s of integration carried out by our professionals, we can help with any integration solutions to enable your employee to gain valuable customer-related data between different systems. 

Dynamics 365 Migration 

Should you meet challenges to migrate existing legacy data from an on-premises system, our certified experts can assist to migrate your data. Our team will plan and anticipate any issues to minimise work disruption and reduce system downtime during migration. 

We understand the stress of migrating from one system to another and not having the data right, however, SeeLogic has its own in-house migration tool to help migrate data from On-premises environment to CRM on the cloud with the aim to reduce cost, efforts and increase scalability and security. 

As part of the migration process, our Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trainers will provide training to accommodate the new CRM system adoption, so your employees can adapt to the new process. 

Dynamics 365 Upgrade and Expand 

We all want access to latest functionalities of Dynamics 365 such as PowerBI cutting-edge analytics, Customer Relationship Health Insights, Business Central to manage customers transaction, office 365 integration, Automation with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. SeeLogic can help to switch to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies ensuring all requirement are met and processes are upgradable. 

Our CRM experts can help you transition from an older version of CRM to cloud solutions. For previous versions earlier than 2016 such as CRM 2011, 2013 or 2015 we can help you upgrade your Dynamics CRM and transfer all your Data to the cloud. We can also improve the user experience by providing extended features. 

Dynamics 365 Quality Assurance 

Regardless of the complexity of the implementation, we process all our implementation through a series of quality assurance testing to help minimise the risk of technical issues. SeeLogic provides Manual and Automated Testing including 

  • Functional testing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Performance testing 

Dynamics 365 Maintenance and Support 

With every implementation project, we support your Go-live transition that you do not run at a loss due to technical issues. 

To ensure you don’t encounter business process blockers due to technical issues regardless of your Dynamics CRM version, our support team provides admin and user support for a seamless use of the CRM. Here at SeeLogic we can provide support and maintenance of your CRM system via 

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support services 
  • Admin and Standard support 
  • In-Depth investigation and speedy issue resolution 
  • Premium Microsoft Escalation path 

SeeLogic has a range of flexible maintenance and support packages that suits your business needs. 

Dynamics 365 custom add-ons 

We understand not all Microsoft products/integrations can accommodate your business needs during an implementation, our developers can assist to develop custom solutions that meet your requirement. 

Companies with highly customised CRM systems and some with specific business processes might not be able to efficiently maximise the Microsoft Dynamics 365 even with all the opportunities it presents, which is why SeeLogic develop add-ons that had helped many customers to better maintain and manage customer engagement. 

What’s Next‼ 

Now that you’ve understood the different areas when implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is worth looking at why CRM Project Fails and our advice on implementing a successful CRM Project. 

At Dogma Group, we use our experience and technical skills to provide trusted advice and proven solutions. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on 01296 328 689. Or email us at 


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