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ClickDimensions is an email marketing platform built directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365. While primarily focused on email marketing, Click Dimensions also includes a host of other functionality including website analyticssocial media tools and web forms & surveys.  

By building their solution within Dynamics they have minimised issues and costs associated with integrations between systems and the syncing of data that goes with that. This allows marketers to have a complete view of their leads and contacts from within Dynamics. 

ClickDimensions Drag & Drop editor for designing email templates 
  1. Email marketing 

First and foremost, ClickDimensions is a marketing platform offering a full suite of tools from template design to campaign automation.   
On the template design side, there are 4 template editors available, this allows for a host of design options ranging from full HTML to Drag & Drop. The Drag & Drop editor is the easiest and most intuitive of the template editors and allows for non-technical users to insert and customise design elements directly on the editor. This allows for the easy inclusion of things like text boxes, images, links, social media share buttons etc.   

ClickDimensions allows for subscriber preference management with a combination of traditional Dynamics marketing lists and ClickDimension’s own custom Subscriber Lists. Recipients can manage their preferences and subscriptions via a Preference Page which is a web component which is custom built by users (see ‘Web Content’ for more related info). GDPR preferences are recorded for each subscriber opt-in and marketers can send out ‘Transactional’ emails to recipients regardless of their subscription preferences.  

Campaign Automation – Build unique customer journeys using Drag & Drop functionality 

One of the most powerful features on offer is Campaign Automation. Marketers can use this tool to build complex (or simple) customer journeys depending on the actions their recipients take. Customer journeys can be built to send follow up emails to people who have not opened previous mails, create alerts for Dynamics users if links are clicked in an email, activate workflows, add/remove from Subscriber Lists and a host of other applications. Campaign Automation allows us to ensure that we automatically engage in the correct behaviour depending on our recipients’ actions.  

2. Reporting  

Reporting is delivered in an easy to understand format, recorded against each mailer sent out. Each report contains several tabs detailing various metrics of the mailer including- click rates, open rates, bounces, devices etc.   

3. Web Content  

The creation of web content allows us to further promote engagement with recipients. Web Content allows users to create various components that can be embedded on websites or linked through emails sent. While there are many different types of content available, the most common are:  

Surveys – Create surveys for recipients to complete, these could include polls for voting, satisfaction surveys etc. Surveys can also contain ‘skip logic’ which allows a logic to be included which skip certain questions depending on the values given in previous questions.   

Web forms – Forms allow us to capture details of customers or recipients. These forms can be embedded in the user’s website and could manage the collection of client’s details. This information can then be fed directly into Dynamics 365.  

Subscription Pages - Subscription pages are created to help recipients manage their preference regarding what mail they receive. A subscription page will allow a recipient to opt-in or out of various subscription lists and update their contact details. 

Creating a survey

Social media  

Being able to update your social media channels from one location, within Dynamics 365, is a handy functionality included with Click Dimensions. Posts can be scheduled and shared from within Dynamics across a user’s various social channels. There is also some reporting available for the posts including the number of views each post has received.  

Creating a scheduled post to share on Social Media 

4. Web Tracking  

A useful functionality offered is the ability to gain tracking and analytics insight into the visitors of the user’s company website. Stored against a recipient Contact record in Dynamics is full tracking related to the Contact’s visits to the website including duration, pages visited, and forms submitted.   

In conclusion, Click Dimensions offers a complete email marketing platform which lives inside a client’s MS Dynamics 365 system. The ability to easily create and customize templates coupled with great campaign automation makes Click Dimension a great marketing solution for Dynamics 365 users.  

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