On the 9th of September, Dogma Group conducted an insightful webinar, “Streamline your Payroll, HR, and Finance together: Explore the power of HR integrated Payroll,” highlighting how companies are currently dealing with payroll, problems they face when there are multiple disparate systems, and how an integrated payroll solution can make everyone’s life easier.  

Our speaker, Eddie Harford, CEO of Dogma Group gave an overview of the advantages of an integrated payroll system and why it’s high time that companies should digitise their payroll with a best-fit solution such as SiriusPayroll365, followed by a walkthrough of the platform. 

Here are five key takeaways from the webinar that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

1. Challenges with Isolated Payroll Systems



  • Data Duplication and errors 

Entering data manually on spreadsheets increases the chance of duplicated data entries and discrepancies. These erroneous data can heavily impact overall organisational productivity and employee performance. 

  • No real-time reporting 

Without an integrated system, HR managers or IT professionals cannot get that 360-degree view in real-time and make data-driven decisions, affecting the future goals of the organisation. 

  • High outsourcing costs 

Lack of time and unreliable systems force companies to outsource their payroll which can be expensive leading them to invest more in payroll, and lose control over highly sensitive employee data management and security.

  • Privacy and Safety Issues 

Outdated and disparate systems require constant data transfers from one system to another, increasing the risks of network security leaks and breaches. For instance, an outdated system can result in the transfer of all the sensitive payroll data and employee data of the organisation which can be easily accessed by unauthorised personnel in the organisation. 


2.  Solution: HR integrated Payroll 


An integrated HR and payroll processing solution can fully automate the tedious and complicated work of paying your company’s employees, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and better outcomes. Integrated software can simplify standard payroll processes, help finance with in-depth cost analysis, maintain the cash flow, ensures data privacy for IT professionals, making it less time-intensive and easy!  

“When it comes to employee data and payroll data, these are the most critical data in terms of privacy. Transferring this data across multiple disparate systems won’t ensure security. That’s where the need for an integrated payroll system comes.”  

– Eddie Harford, CEO of Dogma Group


3. Benefits of HR integrated Payroll 


  • Reporting & analytics with a holistic view   

The HR integrated solution has built-in analytics, driving transparency with accurate data which can be leveraged to track and measure business metrics and create detailed reports via holistic view, saving valuable time for the team. 


  • Digitised Payroll 

 With the integrated solution, payroll managers do not need to spend time on maintaining tons of spreadsheets for employee information management, payments, timesheet tracking, and more. It means no double data entry, less risk of errors, more productivity, and everything digital and paperless! 


  •  Better Compliance  

It makes HMRC compliance easier for small businesses with accurate and up-to-date headcounts. HR and finance managers can pull HR and payroll data from a single platform, providing a clear pathway for data synchronisation, and meet compliance standards.  


4. Dogma’s Solution: SiriusPayroll365 

First released in 2019, SiriusPayroll365 addresses a gap in the market for an affordable and simple-to-use payroll solution that works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is HMRC compliant, Microsoft approved, designed to automate, and streamline the HR, finance and payroll data together.


It links to HMRC to automate submissions and validate employee information, enabling organisations to meet their Real Time Information (RTI) requirements. Customers have the additional reassurance of all their employees’ personal data being stored according to security and compliance standards on Microsoft Azure. 

“We chose to integrate with Dynamics365 HR because it has the “out-of-the-box” integration with Azure ID which is simply amazing. It enables clients to build on the data set ensuring that everything is synchronised- from Dynamics 365 Business Central to Dynamics365 HR and the payroll software.” 

-Eddie Harford, CEO of Dogma Group 

5. Why SiriusPayroll365?  

SiriusPayroll365 enables organisations to run payroll, pay people, automate complex processes, and help finance and HR teams ensure accuracy, timeliness, and compliance. The solution is HMRC-approved and has already been adopted by a wide range of industries. The latest version boasts unique integration with Dynamics365 HR with improved user experience through an updated, simple-to-use interface.  


This app is affordable costing only £1 per employee, per month. Features include:  

  • Real-time integration with Dynamics HR   
  • Employee data synchronisation through HR to SiriusPayroll365 
  • Leave and holidays synchronisation to SiriusPayroll365 
  • Synced calendars
  • Creates accurate and compliant payslips, P60s, and other payroll reports 
  • Manage your finances with Dynamics 365 Business Central integration 
  • Connects to HMRC and retrieves tax codes automatically 

 Dogma Group is the sole provider of fully HR and BC integrated, Microsoft approved, and HMRC compliant payroll software across the U.K. This system streamlines HR, finance, and payroll in 3 steps: 

  1. It synchronises employee data and timesheet entries with Dynamics 365 HR, and gives HR professionals a single interface to manage and gather insights from that data. 
  2. The data then automatically syncs with the payroll module and generates payroll reports, keeping everything secure. 
  3. It synchronises the payroll data and automatically creates G/L entries in D365 Business Central, helping finance managers generate BACS- payment files within minutes, giving them an end-to-end fully automated solution. 

Moreover, SiriusPayroll365 can generate employees’ earnings report. You can easily see when and how much your employees are paid, so you are always in control of your finances. This will also keep your organisation safe from penalties and regulatory issues. 

What’s Next? 

Learn more about how you can get a free trial of SiriusPayroll365 by visiting its page on Microsoft AppSource. If you want to watch the on-demand webinar, click here to request the recording. 

For more information:  

Call us on +4401296328689 or email us at info@dogmagroup.co.uk 


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