Welcome to the future of field service excellence with Microsoft 2023 Second Release for Dynamics 365 Field Service! In a rapidly evolving world, staying ahead in the field service industry is essential, and this update is your ticket to success. 

As businesses worldwide seek smarter, more efficient ways to manage field operations, the 2023 Microsoft second release for Dynamics 365 Field Service is here to answer the call. With a treasure trove of new features and enhancements, the latest release promises to revolutionise how you deliver service. And Dogma wants to help you discover the latest innovations, ensuring that you’re well prepared to adapt and thrive in the changing field service ecosystem. So, why not join us on a journey into the future of field service solutions? 

AI-powered work order recap 

General availability Nov 2023 

Struggling to swiftly access critical work order data? Eager to revolutionise efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction? Enter the latest in AI innovation: Copilot-assisted work order recap. This groundbreaking feature is set to transform the way service managers operate, making access to work order data a seamless experience that significantly amplifies customer satisfaction. 

The work order recap is a pivotal feature that offers a succinct overview of crucial work order details. From notes and products to services, tasks, and activities, it assembles all the vital information in one convenient snapshot. No more tedious scouring through the extensive work order content. With Work Order Recap, a simple request to Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service generates a swift, informative recap, eliminating the need to navigate the system for updates. 

That means, you can bid farewell to manual data mining within work orders as this feature simplifies access to essential information, freeing up precious time for what truly matters. It also equates to expedited response times and a smoother customer journey, which results in satisfied customers who are the linchpin of your enterprise’s success. Plus, by providing a consolidated summary of work order details, work order recap minimises the risk of errors and oversight. Service managers can, thus, make more informed decisions and take timely actions based on accurate information, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes. 

AI-powered work order recap

Create work orders in Outlook using AI 

General availability Nov 2023 

For those tired of the time-consuming work order creation process, with numerous mandatory fields to fill in, Copilot in Field Service is here to the rescue!  

This game-changing feature harnesses the power of generative AI for efficient and productive work order management. It empowers frontline workers and managers, enabling them to effortlessly create, access, and oversee work orders directly within Microsoft 365 applications, including the ever-familiar Microsoft Outlook. 

Copilot efficiently extracts essential information from emails and populates your work order form, slashing the time and effort required as well as reducing the risk of manual data entry errors. As you complete work orders in a fraction of the time, you can focus on more critical tasks and projects. And, with a seamless integration with Outlook, you never need to switch between different applications. 


Save Copilot Work Orders in Field Service Timeline 

General availability Nov 2023 

Are your frontline workers and managers struggling to maintain context for work orders? Do they often lose track of where those work orders originated? 

In Microsoft 2023 second release for Dynamics 365 Field Service, we’re addressing this issue. We’re introducing a feature that seamlessly integrates email communication into the work order timeline. 

Here’s how it works. When you create a work order from an email using Copilot in the Field Service Outlook add-in, the email message will be automatically saved in the Field Service timeline. This means that your frontline managers and workers, who have access to the work order, can easily access the timeline to read the saved email. 

This means your team will no longer struggle to remember the context behind work orders or where they originated. With email communication integrated into the timeline, everyone involved in the work order gains quick access to the necessary information. That way frontline workers and managers can now work more effectively and productively, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation. 

Save Copilot Work Orders-Field Service Timeline

Leverage AI for resource scheduling in Outlook   

General availability Nov 2023 

Do you often struggle to schedule your frontline workers and managers efficiently? Leave it to this Copilot feature update for Field Service from Microsoft 2023 second release. 

Copilot steps in as your AI assistant, providing personalised recommendations for selecting technicians or frontline workers to schedule work orders. It evaluates attributes, such as worker availability, skills, and expertise, ensuring that the right person is assigned to the right task at the right time. This means no more lengthy, complex scheduling procedures – Copilot in Field Service does the heavy lifting for you. 

The benefits are clear. Your business gains a competitive edge with optimised worker assignments, leading to improved operational efficiency. Your frontline staff is deployed more effectively, reducing delays and enhancing overall service quality. With this integrated solution available in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, you’re not just saving time; you’re also boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Leverage AI for resource scheduling in Outlook

Compress image uploads from mobile devices 

General availability Oct 2023 

To save time, bandwidth, and storage capacity, images can now be compressed when uploaded in Field Service Mobile! 

Frontline workers using mobile devices often need to capture multiple images of assets and customer sites using high-quality built-in cameras. These images tend to be large, sometimes exceeding 5 MB in size. Uploading such large images in Field Service Mobile can be time-consuming, putting a strain on network bandwidth and server storage space. In many cases, these high-quality images are unnecessary, and a compressed version would suffice, leading to resource savings. That is why Microsoft 2023’s second release is enhancing the image compression feature in Dynamics 365 Field Service. 

This smart feature automatically compresses the images, significantly reducing the strain on network bandwidth and conserving valuable Dataverse storage. This feature will be set to ON by default on October 2, 2023. Image compression for inspections will not be available at first and will come in a later update. 

Embedded guides in Field Service Mobile 

General availability Mar 2024 

Field service agents also face challenges while using Dynamics 365 Guides from within the Field Service mobile app. They often struggle with work order tasks and are often left without clear instructions. 

Fret not! This feature enhancement from Microsoft 2023 second release for Field Service enables seamless integration of Dynamics 365 Guides into the Field Service mobile app. This means that while your field agents are actively working on a work order, they can access guides specifically tailored to the associated service tasks, providing them with detailed, step-by-step instructions. This streamlines work order execution, improving service efficiency and reducing service delivery times. 

By empowering service agents with the tools, they need to excel, this enhancement helps resolve issues more swiftly, leading to an impressive first-time fix rate. The same guides created for HoloLens can be repurposed, streamlining your operations and reducing the need to reinvent the wheel, resulting in major cost and time savings. 

What’s more, you agents gain more confidence in their ability to execute tasks correctly and efficiently, as they have access to comprehensive guides. This confidence can lead to improved job satisfaction and employee morale. But most importantly, prompt and accurate service delivery, driven by the use of guides, enhances overall customer satisfaction.  

Embedded guides in Field Service Mobile

Get technician scheduling suggestions in Teams 

Public preview Nov 2023 

Introducing the new scheduling assistant in Dynamics 365 Field Service, which leverages Microsoft Teams integrations. With this feature, your frontline managers and dispatchers now have the power to streamline the scheduling process. The scheduling assistant recommends the most suitable frontline workers for specific tasks, taking into account their availability, skills, and expertise. 

By leveraging this feature, you can eliminate lengthy, multistep scheduling procedures, reducing delays. By assigning the right technician or frontline worker for each job you can also ensure efficiency. That enables your team to deliver on-time and high-quality service, enhancing customer experiences.

Get technician scheduling suggestions in Teams - MS 2023 Release Wave 2 - Field Service

New and Improved Work Order Experience 

General Availability Nov 2023 

Businesses typically struggle with complex work order management and information overload. And it’s also quite challenging to provide quick updates to customers and empower your frontline workers for on-site service. 

That’s precisely why this latest work order enhancement has been meticulously designed to simplify your work life. By reducing the time and effort needed to grasp the current state of work orders, you can effortlessly provide updates to your valued customers. Furthermore, your frontline workers will be equipped with the essential information they need for on-site service.  

What’s more, with this update, you can also easily monitor and prioritise high-priority tasks. It comes with a contemporary interface that aligns seamlessly with your everyday tasks. What it focuses on is reducing the complexity, minimising clicks, and enhancing the overall user experience, especially for service managers. 

The work order list page now offers a visually intuitive cue system to highlight critical tasks and enables swift edits through an innovative side panel. Meanwhile, the updated work order form presents crucial work order details right on the main tab, facilitating real-time updates without navigating away from the main interface. 

Besides that, the dynamic card feature is the ultimate solution for end-users, adjusting in real-time based on the work order’s lifecycle. Integrated booking suggestions with transparent customer commitments simplify work order scheduling, and you can quickly identify the assigned technician and their expected arrival time. Post-completion, you can access a summary of the work order without sifting through various sections. That means with this redesigned work order experience, you can empower your frontline workers with the vital information they need to resolve work orders efficiently during their initial visit. 

Field Service 2023 MS Second Release- Dynamic Cards
Field Service 2023 MS Second Release - References

Manage frontline worker certifications 

General Availability Oct 2023 

Managing frontline worker documentation can cause unwanted hurdles in maintaining a service-ready workforce. You may also be struggling to track insurance, licences, and certifications for your frontline workers, making it even more challenging to meet customer expectations and compliance requirements. 

But here’s a Field Service update from Microsoft 2023 second release that can empower you to effortlessly capture and manage certification documentation for your frontline workers. This means they’ll always be well-prepared to deliver top-tier service, prioritising safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re dealing with full-time employees or trusted vendors, our solution consolidates all crucial information into a single, accessible hub, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your valued customers. 

By adopting our solution, you can streamline documentation management to ensure a service-ready workforce. It also means that your compliance with legal and regulatory requirements becomes a seamless process. And with reduced administrative burdens, you have ample time to focus on customer-centric activities. Overall, it’s a win-win for both your organisation and your customers. 

Manage frontline worker certifications 

Complete work orders based on status 

General Availability Nov 2023 

Are you struggling to manage work orders effectively while keeping your team in the loop? Is the process of handling follow-up work orders eating up valuable time? 

Don’t worry because Microsoft 2023 second release is about to revolutionise your work order management with a status-driven approach that offers unparalleled flexibility. Now, you can say goodbye to the hassle of duplicating work orders that require follow-up – our feature allows you to seamlessly return them to an unscheduled state after completing a booking. 

This innovative Feld Service feature empowers your frontline workers by introducing a completed booking status. This status serves as a clear signal for follow-up work, automatically reverting the associated work order status back to an unscheduled state. By streamlining the booking workflow, this feature ensures precise work order statuses and simplifies the entire booking process. 

And its benefits are manifold too! You can now experience a work order lifecycle that’s more flexible and adaptive. Your booking data will mirror work order states with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that all team members are informed and up to date. In essence, it’s a game-changer that optimises your work order management, saving you time and resources while enhancing overall efficiency. 

Plan and Prepare 

With so many new and enhanced feature updates for Field Service, it might be overwhelming to navigate the way forward. But Dogma‘s professional expert can help you fully benefit from these capability updates. Even if you’re pondering on adopting Dynamics 365 Field Service, we will be more than happy to guide you through your implementation process. And to help you get started, here’s our free demo.

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