Prepare for the Microsoft 2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales

March 20, 2024

Are you a sales professional eager to learn about the latest updates in Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll walk you through the most exciting features coming your way in this year’s first release updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, accelerate sales success, or streamline sales workflows, this update has something for everyone. Keep reading to discover more! 

Copilot-driven answers from SharePoint documents to save time and effort 

General Availability Apr 2024 

Tired of drowning in sales documents while searching for quick answers to customer queries on chats or in emails? Now you can just ask Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales to swiftly retrieve information from your SharePoint documents, saving time and boosting client engagement. You can also configure Copilot to fetch and summarise sales data, empowering faster decision-making and improving customer interactions.


AI-generated account summary for holistic view of accounts 

General Availability Apr 2024 

Juggling multiple accounts just got easier for your sales team. They can now access a consolidated summary of essential customer data, from buying behaviour and opportunities to marketing campaigns and latest account updates, all powered by AI. That way, they can spend less time looking for information and more time closing deals.  

All you have to do is enable Copilot and Account Summary in any Dynamics 365 Sales, and your team can get a 360-degree view of each account. This helps them prioritise their work effectively and personalise customer interactions.  


Copilot-driven emails for improved sales pitch in Microsoft 2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales 

General Availability Apr 2024 

Often, crafting effective customer emails can be a real struggle. But this Copilot update in Dynamics 365 Sales streamlines your email writing woes, ensuring clear, engaging communication with each customer. Powered by advanced natural language processing, Copilot tailors personalised emails to your needs, boosting customer engagement and sales.

Its intuitive interface allows for easy customisation of tone and content length, saving you valuable time and enhancing brand reputation. This way, you can spend less time drafting and more time connecting with customers, boosting sales and fostering lasting relationships. 


Leverage AI-suggested past wins to accelerate sales success 

General Availability Apr 2024

With this update you can seamlessly tap into proven strategies from past successful deals to receive tailored recommendations, streamlining decision-making for faster deal closures. Gain insights from your previous wins, coupled with industry-specific information, enabling you to make informed choices. By harnessing AI suggestions, you can refine strategies, boost efficiency, and elevate win rates to maximise sales efficacy. You can also explore opportunities based on industry, product, account, and geography to accelerate revenue growth. 


Summarise lengthy emails using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales 

General Availability Apr 2024

This innovative Copilot feature update revolutionises your email communication while sending or receiving emails. Seamlessly condensing lengthy email threads into digestible summaries, it saves you precious time and effort. That way everyone in the email conversation can easily grasp key points, share feedback efficiently, and make informed decisions faster.

Guide sellers to simultaneously manage multiple sequences for improved collaboration 

General Availability Apr 2024

With this update from Microsoft 2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales, sellers can now coordinate seamlessly on deals. You can assign multiple sequences to different team members simultaneously, fostering collaboration and enhancing deal-winning capabilities. Sales managers can also oversee multiple sequences on a single record, empowering efficient operations. This allows you to benefit from improved visibility into team activities, facilitating better decision-making and elevating your sales process with enhanced collaboration and streamlined operations. 

For example, assign one sequence to an account executive and another sequence to a solution architect while they both work on a target account simultaneously. Sales team members can attach a sequence to a record even if they are not the owner of that record and can easily view details of any sequence. 


Assign leads based on seller capacity for optimised resource utilisation

General Availability Sep 2024 

Here’s another feature update to help you boost sales effortlessly by empowering your sales team with efficient lead allocation capability. It can help them automatically assign top-priority leads, optimising sales strategy and maximising seller productivity. You can now define capacity profiles, apply limits, and customise assignment rules. Additionally, it’s also easy to monitor unassigned leads and ensure optimal resource utilisation, elevating sales performance and streamlining operations.


Group and aggregate opportunities values for better analysis 

General Availability Apr 2024 

Another useful update enhances your opportunity management process in Dynamics 365 Sales with a revamped opportunity pipeline view. It allows you to dynamically group opportunities by key factors like account or seller name, or closing date, tailoring strategies for highly personalised targeting. This update enables the aggregation of numeric values, such as estimated value and actual revenue, so that you can effortlessly assess total revenue potential within segments, aiding prioritisation of high value deals. And what that does is empower your sales journey by streamlining strategies and gaining insightful analytics.  

Customise lead qualification process for a seamless experience 

General Availability Apr 2024 

This update allows you to transform your sales process with a streamlined lead qualification process. Customise the qualification process to your unique needs, saving time and enhancing accuracy. Benefit from Copilot’s insightful lead summaries, enabling informed decision-making. Also, generate multiple opportunities from a single lead, maximising sales potential. In the meantime, foster collaboration with easy opportunity assignments and ensure boosted productivity and focused sales efforts like never before. 

What’s Next? 

As a Dynamics 365 Sales user, you’re likely excited about leveraging the latest Microsoft 2024 first release updates to the fullest. But if you’re new to D365 Sales, you might be curious about how to maximise this innovative sales solution. Don’t worry, because Dogma’s experts are here to help! As your trusted advisors, we’ll guide you through the D365 Sales deployment process and identify the features that align best with your business requirements.