The Salesforce Summer Release ‘23 undeniably stands out with enhanced features designed to empower you and your organisation with greater efficiency and productivity. The advanced features from Salesforce Analytics boast tools and enhancements that delve deeper into insights for improved sales strategies.  

With the Summer Release, experience a centralised platform that brings all your analytics-related activities together, streamlining your workflows and providing a seamless experience. Visual enhancements offer improved data visibility, allowing you to gain clearer and more actionable insights at a glance. Furthermore, the release introduces functionalities to fine-tune recommendations from Einstein, ensuring tailored and precise guidance for your sales endeavours. 

Join us as we explore more of these exciting features. 

1. Visually Enhance Your Data for Simplified Data Analysis 

Visually enhance your sales data by making it more engaging and understandable. With Lightning dashboard charts, salespeople can visualise their sales performance through graphs and charts, gaining a better understanding of their progress. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics can be displayed on the dashboard to track the sales team’s performance. Rich Text provides even more clarity when adding explanations or information right where needed. This can include branding elements, company logos, flow diagrams, or embedded images, making the dashboard visually appealing and personalised. Or you can guide your sales team through the data by adding section titles, narrative text, and even animated GIFs. 

In Unlimited and Performance editions of Salesforce, the dashboard components are referred to as widgets, and you can add up to 25 widgets per dashboard, which includes a maximum of 20 charts and tables, two images, and 25 rich text widgets. This expanded limit allows for greater customisation and flexibility in designing a visually rich and comprehensive dashboard. Previously, the limit was up to 20 only.  

Dashboard widgets in analytics
Visual representation of data

2. Improve Efficiency with Simplified Access to a Unified Home for Your Analytics (Generally Available) 

The new Analytics Home provides a single personalised and organised space for you to access and manage all your analytics, including reports and dashboards. With Analytics Home, you no longer need to switch between different apps or platforms to access important data. You also have the Lightning and CRM Analytics dashboards in the same collection, allowing for efficient organisation and categorisation of your work. 

This unified space improves productivity and streamlines the analytics workflow. Everything is accessible from a single, cohesive interface, enabling quicker access to vital insights and making informed decisions.

Analytics home

3. Control and Improve Einstein Recommendations for Tailored Solutions (Beta) 

Have greater control over the recommendations provided by Einstein with the new Decision Optimisation feature. Now you can customise and control the suggested improvements based on your specific business rules, objectives, and constraints. This ensures that the recommendations given by Einstein are not only relevant to your specific organisational needs but also feasible and aligned with your overall goals. This level of customisation enables a more tailored approach to decision-making. For sales representatives, Decision Optimisation allows a focus on maximising revenue rather than solely focusing on win rates. You can optimise for factors such as opportunity amount, considering your time and budget constraints. The recommendations will, therefore, prioritise deals that have the potential to generate higher revenue while still operating within given constraints. This will eventually assist you in making more informed decisions and aligning the Einstein recommendations with your overall objectives for improved outcomes and increased sales success. 

Decision optimisation feature in Analytics
Einstein recommendations

4. Drive Revenue Growth with Enhanced Visibility of Data and Insights on Revenue Intelligence App 

Empower your sales teams with data-driven insights, improved pipeline visibility, better decision-making capabilities, and optimised revenue growth strategies by leveraging the Revenue Intelligence App. The Salesforce Revenue Intelligence App provides access to CRM Analytics dashboards and analytics to analyse key sales data. You’ll gain access to valuable insights into sales activities, customer interactions, and revenue trends to make informed decisions and focus your efforts on areas that drive the most revenue. In addition, the pipeline inspection feature presents the sales pipeline in a visually intuitive flowchart format that enables better tracking of deal progressions while identifying bottlenecks, revealing opportunities, and areas for improvement. More importantly, the Revenue Intelligence App lets you align your sales activities with revenue objectives. This way, you can ensure that your sales efforts are directed towards the most valuable opportunities, driving revenue growth. 

5. Promote Collaboration with Shareable Lightning Dashboards on Slack 

In this release, enable easy sharing of analytics and dashboards with your colleagues on Slack. With this, you can post your Lightning Dashboards directly to Slack workspaces and channels. 

When a dashboard is shared, recipients in Slack can view the dashboard details, share it with others, subscribe to updates, and even view a real-time snapshot of the dashboard. You can also open the dashboard directly in Salesforce for more in-depth analysis. It promotes collaboration among users and empowers them to interact with the shared dashboard, enabling them to explore the data further with real-time insights and make informed decisions. 

Share dashboard feature in Salesforce Analytics
Share dashboards on Slack
Dashboard shared and posted on Slack

There’s more to explore! 

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