Set up duplicate detection rules

July 29, 2019

Author: Amol Shrestha 

Sometimes business logic requires there should be no redundancy based on fields like email, postcode or zip-code etc. As such, the data management under setting help us achieve it. The duplicate detection rules beneath data management supports the action. 

Once we choose New, a window pops out containing: 

Name:  rule name 
status reason: published/unpublished 
Description: the reason that made the creation of rule necessary 
Base Record Type: entity such as the email, account etc. 
matching record type: same as the base record type used for comparing 
Field: record type 
Criteria: Exact match 

The figure shows the respective fields: 

It can be saved and published to bring the rule into life. It can be tested using two equivalents on which a popup window comes into existence revealing a match has been found and do we want to proceed further or discard it. The choice is ours and it respects the option chosen. 

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