Dynamics 365 Business Central

For the 2021 second release, Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to focus on these key areas:   

  • Updates in Bank and payment reconciliations 
  • Better with Microsoft 365 investment by bringing further capabilities to the Business Central and Teams experience 
  • Business Central and Microsoft Dataverse  synchronisation   
  • Continue rapid expansion to 50+ countries and regions.

Here is our rundown of some of the unmissable Dynamics 365 Business Central features for the latest release: 

1. Bank and Payment Reconciliation Improvement 

One of the exciting enhancements in Dynamics 365 Business Central on our watchlist is the updates in Bank and payment reconciliations. With the new enhancement, bank ledger entries are now filtered, so only ledger entries after the statement’s ending date are displayed, giving a good overview of the entries. The clean layout of the test report makes it user friendly and simpler to read. The report will also use the statement date as a filter for the G/L (General Ledger) account as well as the bank account, so that the focus is on the period being reconciled. 

dynamics 365 business central 2021 October release

Many-to-1 matching is now possible, using which bank statement lines can be matched against one bank ledger entry. The entries auto-matching feature when you return to the bank reconciliation will further reduce the redundant manual step. 

2. Enhanced capabilities for Business Central and Teams Experience 

The Business Central app for Microsoft Teams connects Teams to your business data, so you can quickly share details with your team, connect with your business contacts, and respond faster to inquiries. Users in the Business Central clients have a new wizard that guides them through installing the Business Central app for Teams. 

business central october release

3. Efficient Business Central and Microsoft Dataverse  synchronisation

When users select multiple records, such as hundreds of customers or contacts, Business Central creates a single synchronisation job per batch of selected records. This reduces the load on the task scheduler that runs the background jobs significantly and makes it easier for users to stay below the limits for queue entries. This new way of synchronising batches of selected records also considers Dataverse request limits by ensuring that the batches are processed in smaller sizes. 


4. Global availability to cover more countries: 50-plus countries & regions worldwide 

With the new release, Microsoft is planning to expand the availability of Business Central to more countries and regions via partner-led localisation. The partners will create relevant localisation apps that are published to AppSource. In combination with the built-in language offerings, Dynamics 365 Business Central will be available to serve customers in 50-plus countries and regions worldwide. 


What’s Next? 

What did you think of the new Business Central Update? Let us know which feature(s) you are excited about getting your hands on.  

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