• Are you looking to elevate your customer service with fast, personalised and consistent service delivery across multiple channels? 
  • Do you want to leverage AI to streamline service workflows like knowledge management, advanced routing, and case management? 
  • How about optimising agent productivity and increasing revenue, while simplifying operations and decision-making?  

Dive into the future of customer service with the updates from Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Join us as we explore the latest enhancements designed to deliver fast, personalised, and consistent service experiences across all channels, unlocking the true potential of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Forecast case volumes daily and at 15-minute intervals 

Efficient customer service hinges on precise agent allocation for customer cases.  So, avoid excessive costs or frustrating wait times with this feature enhancement for elevated customer satisfaction. Empower managers to fine-tune agent planning and scheduling, and bolster satisfaction with more detailed 15-minute forecasts for case volumes, in addition to daily forecasting.  

Enable them to visualise and slice case volumes effortlessly by channel and queue, with automated seasonality detection for strategic planning. Elevate your service game, anticipate demand, and keep customers smiling!

case volume forecasts D365 Customer Service 2024 Release Wave 1 Udpate

Mask sensitive data and prevent unauthorised access 

Safeguarding sensitive data isn’t just essential—it’s mandatory for contact centres. Meet the challenge head-on with this D365 Customer Service update from Microsoft release wave 1. It offers sensitive data masking so that you can enhance customer trust by demonstrating your privacy commitment, fostering loyalty. Plus, stay aligned with data protection regulations effortlessly, avoiding penalties.  

What’s more, ensure a secure environment for customers and agents by deterring unauthorised access, allowing focus on top-tier service. With this update, not only can you set data masking rules but also extend them to transcription and call recording. Additionally, you can track rule changes and data access as well for compliance assurance. 

Check configuration health in admin center 

Stay ahead of system issues in D365 Customer Service with this latest update for the contact centre health check. It empowers admins to swiftly detect emerging issues in their system, preventing disruptions and ensuring seamless operations. This helps enhance call centre efficiency by enabling admins to maintain optimal configurations, reducing support tickets due to misconfigurations. This update also adds checks for channels, bots, service level agreements, and automatic record creation, optimising contact centre performance and boosting customer satisfaction. 

Create multiple cases from email sent to multiple boxes 

This feature update automatically generates individual cases for each mailbox an email is sent to, ensuring the right team gets full visibility into customer issues, along with the context. This means quicker responses, fewer case transfers between teams, and smoother customer experiences. Agents can respond independently, avoiding delays and service level agreement breaches. Additionally, any customer reply to the original email also gets associated with the case, simplifying workflow and enhancing customer service with seamless case management. 

Get relevant results with filters for Copilot 

If enhancing your customer service efficiency is your goal, then this update for Microsoft 2024 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Customer Service is for you! Tailored for your business needs, this update filters Copilot-generated results based on relevant knowledge or customer information. By refining Copilot results to match specific business lines or customer data, Copilot ensures your team accesses only the most relevant information, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Use enhanced attachment experience while composing email 

With this update, you can now effortlessly drag and drop email attachments, saving time and improving productivity. If you forget to attach a file mentioned in the email, this feature sends you a reminder. You can also easily copy attachments between emails and perform bulk actions, like downloading and deleting, seamlessly. Plus, it helps you stay organised with attachment sizes displayed in the right units. Maximise productivity and never miss a beat with this user-friendly enhancement. 

Improved email experience D365 Customer Service update

Use overflow for lengthy wait times for work items 

Struggling with spikes in customer queries? This updated overflow handling capability is your solution! It ensures no customer waits too long. Here’s how! Set wait time limits for items in a queue. Plus, automatically transfer items to queues with more available agents when the limit is exceeded. As a result, you can enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring customer queries are addressed promptly. You can also improve service efficiency by redistributing workload and easing customer interactions. 

in-queue-overflow-handling in D365 Customer Service

Improve Your Customer Service Today!  

Do you want to embrace these Dynamics 365 Customer Service updates to enhance your client relationships and business growth, while keeping a sharp focus on your business-as-usual? 

Dogma’s technical experts on customer service can assist you! Partner with us to ensure you get the most out of your Dynamics 365 Customer Service system without losing track of your daily operations.  

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